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Posts tagged "Weapons Crimes"

Pennsylvania man accused of buying guns for man who killed cop

An Eastern Pennsylvania man has been arrested on charges that he purchased guns for a convicted felon. The man with the felony record shot and killed a police officer on Sep. 13 before committing suicide. Authorities say the gun used in that shooting was one of nine firearms the accused man purchased on the convicted felon's behalf. They described the suspect made "straw purchases" of the guns by representing that they were for himself.

Man who was shot in struggle pleads not guilty to gun charges

A 52-year-old man who was shot on Sep. 25 during a fight with a friend of his has been hit with gun charges due to his prior record of robbery convictions, which could put him in prison for the rest of his life. The man pleaded not guilty to gun possession at a federal court hearing on Aug. 21, and denied the government's version of events. Meanwhile, prosecutors dropped charges against the friend due to lack of evidence.

Attorney: Navy SEAL convicted in gun sales affected by PTSD

A former Navy SEAL who was sentenced to 17 ½ years in prison after being found guilty of illegal weapons sales on July 17 had his judgment affected by post-traumatic stress disorder developed while serving two tours of duty in the Iraq war, his attorney said. However, the judge did not accept the attorney's plea for leniency when imposing the long sentence, instead finding that the defendant led a conspiracy to sell guns, ammunition and accessories imported into the U.S.

No federal charges for man with 'explosive device' at airport

Western Pennsylvania residents know that security at airports has stepped up significantly since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. With federal Transportation Security Administration agents conducting searches of passengers' property and bodies in a way that some people find invasive, anyone who agents accuse of bringing contraband items such as a weapon can generally expect to face serious federal charges.

Pittsburgh man faces additional drug charges while on house arrest

A man living near Pittsburgh is in trouble with the law once again after a large amount of drugs were allegedly found in his home. He now faces drug charges including possession of a controlled substance and intent to deliver a controlled substance.

Guns returned to man who pleaded to sub-felony crime

Some ill-conceived comments by a former airport worker about shooting President Obama led to the man serving 30 days in jail and a ruling that he had to give up his collection of 70 guns. But the court of appeals in the man's home state recently ruled that there was no legal reason to seize the man's collection and that he was not a threat to the president.

Transient man arrested for alleged threats

A Pennsylvania transient man is facing various charges including the threat of using a weapon towards police officers. He has been charged with terroristic threats (presumably related to weapons charges), resisting arrest, institutional vandalism of an educational facility and disorderly conduct.

Collector says police did not give him a chance to get rid of guns

An Allegheny County man who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges in February now faces 164 weapons charges related to his gun collection, which he no longer can possess under Pennsylvania law. The man says that authorities lied to him about how much time he had to get rid of the guns before he would be criminally charged. Just an hour after his probation officer told him he had a week to take care of the problem, police officers came to his home and arrested him.

Accused 'jihadist' arrested over gun in photograph

A photograph and video that federal prosecutors say depict an Allegheny County man holding a rifle was the primary evidence used to arrest the man on March 15. FBI agents claim that the suspect is a Taliban sympathizer and potential terrorist, but his attorney said that his client is all talk and that he does not possess a gun.

Man admits carrying gun to respond to threat

A Pennsylvania man facing weapons charges after being arrested in a mall said that he was carrying his father's handgun because someone had threatened him. Police say the man was found dressed as a polifce officer assigned to Amtrak, including a partial uniform, a bulletproof vest and a handheld radio.

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