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Posts tagged "Fraud"

Penn National employee sentenced on fraud charges

Many Pennsylvania readers are aware that federal investigators have been looking into the operations at the Penn National racetrack for several years. Recently, a former employee of the track was sentenced on fraud charges, after he was accused of accepting items of value in exchange for information about the horses who were slated to race at the facility. The sentencing took place nearly five months after the man entered a guilty plea in relation to the charges last fall.

Two Pennsylvania men facing federal fraud charges

As tax season rolls around once again, the Department of Justice is cracking down on schemes that aim to steal tax returns from individuals around the nation. According to the IRS, more than 5 million tax returns were filed in 2013 using stolen identities, which resulted in close to $30 billion in improperly issued tax refunds. A joint investigation into these types of schemes has led to the arrest of two Pennsylvania men for income tax return-related fraud.

Former bank manager charged with tax evasion, embezzlement

A Pennsylvania woman is facing serious federal charges connected to her former employment as the manager of a credit union. She is charged with both tax evasion and embezzlement, and it appears that she is willing to accept a plea agreement to resolve those charges. She is expected to be arraigned soon, and there is no word on what punitive measures may be in store for her.

More scientists charged with white collar crimes

News has hit that new criminal charges have been filed against scientists who authorities believe shared trade secrets with foreign entities. The case reminds many in Pennsylvania of similar charges that were dropped in 2014. Some speculate that these recent federal white collar crimes charges will suffer a similar fate.

Man charged with fraud after collecting unemployment

Many Pennsylvania residents will need to take advantage of unemployment benefits at some point in their lives. Unemployment benefits exist to provide a means of financial support when a person loses his or her job. There are rules associated with those benefits, however, and failure to abide by those rules can lead to serious repercussions, up to and including federal fraud charges.

Former bank manager charged with wire fraud

A Lancaster, Pennsylvania man who was a former manager of a Fulton Bank is now facing serious federal charges. The man is accused of stealing nearly $100,000 from the bank and using that money to pay for his personal expenses. As he prepares a response to these wire fraud charges, few details have been released to the public. As is so often the case, the individual who is accused of the crime has not released a statement, and he is unlikely to do so until the matter has been resolved in court.

Man accused of using technology to commit bank fraud

As technology continues to advance, so do the ways in which illegal acts can be conducted. There are a wide range of tech tools that can assist criminals in committing crimes, and these tools seem to improve faster than the tools used to thwart criminal activities. When Pennsylvania law enforcement becomes aware of such efforts, the result can be serious federal fraud charges.

Sentencing for Pennsylvania official on federal charges

Some readers will be familiar with the legal troubles of a former head of redevelopment for Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The man, now 64 years of age, was accused of multiple bribery and extortion schemes while serving in that position. He was recently sentenced on those charges, following his conviction in July of this year.

8 college students facing serious federal charges

An investigation into an alleged crime ring at Millersville University in Pennsylvania has led to the arrest of eight students. Those young people, who range in age from 19 to 23 years of age, will all have the opportunity to present their side of the charges as their individual cases move forward. Their future opportunities could be impeded if a conviction occurs, and it is expected that each individual will strive to avoid that outcome.

Business owner charged with fraud, conspiracy

Many Pennsylvania readers are familiar with tobacco stores, the retail outlets where customers can buy everything from cigarettes and cigars to all types of smoking paraphernalia. The owner of a Tannersville tobacco shop is now facing serious federal charges after authorities say he acted with others to facilitate the purchase of products by using stolen credit cards. The fraud and conspiracy charges could have serious negative ramifications for the man, up to and including the loss of his business and livelihood.

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