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Federal Drug Charges Archives

Federal heroin charge leads to 10-year sentence for PA man

We've written before about federal sentencing guidelines and how they are advisory and not mandatory. Still, federal judges tend to treat the guidelines as if they are mandatory, and defendants end up facing long prison sentences as a result. However, it is possible in some cases to negotiate for a variance from the guidelines.

AG calls for crackdown on heroin trafficking in Pennsylvania

In the last couple of years, there have been increasing reports of heroin-related deaths in the United States, and Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has deemed the state's heroin problem "dire." In fact, the Pennsylvania Association of Coroners reported that in the last two years, there have been 484 heroin-related deaths statewide.

59 charged in alleged drug conspiracy in North Philadelphia

Federal drug charges are prosecuted aggressively, and anyone accused of a federal drug crime will need a strong criminal defense that analyzes the facts of the case to establish an effective defense strategy. Federal investigators typically gather a significant amount of evidence before any drug charges are filed, but often these cases are not as cut and dry as authorities would like us to believe.


When local citizens hear about a huge drug trafficking ring bust taking place in their area, they may be shocked and automatically think that the people charged are in the wrong and deserve to be punished. However, the individuals who are accused of drug trafficking remain innocent unless and until proven guilty in Pennsylvania. It is up to the government to solidify why a charge is legitimate in this type of situation.

Pennsylvania drug charges for trafficking: Man

When residents in the community learn about drug activity going on in an area neighborhood, they may become alarmed and automatically label the accused person as guilty. A person who faces drug charges in Pennsylvania, however, remains innocent unless and until proved guilty in a court of law. It is up to prosecutors to establish the accused person's guilt. In addition, it is within the accused person's rights to defend themselves and to seek their best interests in the criminal case.

Drug charges follow 3-home raid in Pennsylvania

When people in an area learn that local people have been arrested and charged with drug possession, they may automatically consider them to be in the wrong. Those individuals who have been charged, though, are still innocent unless their guilt is proven in court. The Pennsylvania government has the burden of proof when someone faces drug charges, and this is the case of several individuals who were recently arrested during a raid in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania rapper faces drug charges

When area residents read about people being arrested and charged with possessing drugs, they might immediately view them as wrongdoers and lawbreakers. However, these people legally are not guilty unless this is proven in a court of law. The government in Pennsylvania absolutely has to meet its burden of proof when drug charges are in question.

Pennsylvania must meet burden of proof to sustain drug charges

When local residents see reports of people being arrested on drug charges, they may automatically write these individuals off as being in the wrong. However, these individuals are entitled to tell their sides when they go to court. The government must meet its burden of proof in cases of drug charges, which recently happened to one man Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania police arrest 18 in drug trafficking investigation

Joint investigations conducted by law enforcement can bring down serious charges to a large number of people. In such investigations, Pennsylvania law enforcement agents will use a wide range of techniques to secure the evidence they need to execute search and arrest warrants on those they suspect are involved in drug trafficking. In a recent investigation, 18 individuals have been arrested who police claim were part of a violent gang that distributed heroin in the Wilkinsburg area.

Pennsylvania police raid leads to drug trafficking charges

It can take a substantial period of time for law enforcement to build a case against a targeted individual. Surveillance, controlled purchases and the use of under cover officers can all be utilized in order to accumulate enough evidence to secure a court approved search warrant. When this warrant is issued, and Pennsylvania authorities enter a targeted residence, what they find inside can serve as their basis for the filing of drug trafficking charges.

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