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Internet Crimes Archives

Former officers arrest Pennsylvania man for child pornography

Federal and state agents combined investigative efforts and searched the home of a Pennsylvania man. He has since been accused in federal court of producing child pornography. Authorities say they found thousands of illicit images stored on various electronic devices in the man's home. Whether agents acted with appropriate authority when they conducted the search and seizure is something a defense attorney would want to investigate. If anything seems awry, the proffered evidence may be challenged in court.

Child pornography charges filed against man in Pennsylvania

One man in Pennsylvania is currently facing child pornography charges and other related offenses (30 counts). The child pornography charges come after a criminal investigation by a county task force that focuses on internet crimes against minors. The arrest took place on a recent Tuesday.

Pennsylvania computer users sometimes accused of internet crime

Many Pennsylvania households are equipped with personal computers or other technologically advanced gadgets that include access to the internet. In fact, some families have several types of equipment that are used by various members of the household on a daily basis. Things can, therefore, become rather complicated very quickly when authorities claim that a private computer was used to commit internet crime.

Men in Pennsylvania charged with internet sex crime after sting

Law enforcement agents often pose with pseudo identities online when attempting to draw out persons who may be involved in illegal activities. Often, these types of stings involve drugs or a possible internet sex crime. A recent incident occurred that resulted in four arrests of men in Pennsylvania.

Man accused of child pornography in Pennsylvania avoids jail

To some extent, what one does with one's own computer in the privacy of one's own home is simply that -- private. However, it depends on whether any laws or internet regulations are being violated. One Pennsylvania man recently avoided going to jail after being accused of having child pornography on his personal computer.

Federal charges do not necessarily mean a conviction will follow

Anyone accused of a crime in Pennsylvania will want to educate him- or herself as to how best to protect personal rights and minimize the negative effects such situations can have on one's future. Often, this can be done through experienced legal counsel, especially when facing federal charges, which tend to be prosecuted in a very aggressive manner. A married couple in another state is now facing such charges regarding suspected bankruptcy fraud.

Preserving a reputation in light internet crime charges

In Pennsylvania and beyond, illegal activities carried out on the internet pose a great concern to many. Those accused of internet crime charges may worry about their personal and professional reputations being destroyed. The good news is that it is often possible to minimize the negative repercussions of such incidents through the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Judge defers sentencing in Pennsylvania internet sex crime case

In certain situations, a judge may rule that sentencing against a defendant is to be delayed in order for authorities to conduct a background investigation of the accused. During this type of legal process, a defendant may greatly rely on the guidance of a criminal attorney to determine how best to proceed under such circumstances. When the subject at hand includes a conviction for an internet sex crime in Pennsylvania, the stakes are often high. Understandably, any defendant facing a similar situation will want to make certain that all available options for a strong defense are explored.

Pennsylvania man facing federal child pornography charges

A Pennsylvania man is facing a serious set of circumstances after being arrested and charged with serious crimes against children. The case has made headlines across the region, with many people calling for the head of a man accused of both owning and producing child pornography. The matter has not yet reached a court of law, but that fact has not stopped many from making their own judgments in the case.

How to determine legal options re Internet crime charges

With the invention and advancement of Internet-related technology came laws and regulations governing such activities. In Pennsylvania and all other states, the federal criminal justice system has jurisdiction to prosecute certain Internet crime charges. In such circumstances, it may prove quite beneficial to retain the assistance of a criminal defense attorney who has past experience as a federal investigator.

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