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Pennsylvania traffic stop results in weapons, drug charges

It is often human nature to make assumptions. Some assumptions, sometimes based on facts, are more likely than others. However, these assumptions, while they may seem to be true, are not actually reality. In many cases, people can be accused of crimes based on this. One woman in Pennsylvania now faces drug charges after a traffic stop led to the search of a house.

Police search of vehicle leads to drug charges

In criminal cases involving drug charges in the Pittsburgh area, one thing that most defense attorneys look for is whether the evidence being used against their client was legally obtained by the police. Most people know that officers generally need a search warrant to enter their homes, but people in motor vehicles also have some protections against unreasonable searches and seizures. If those rights are violated, under the exclusionary rule any evidence gathered against a suspect during an illegal search may be suppressed in court.

Police: suspect spit out drugs after being shot with stun gun

Pittsburgh-area police officers who arrested an area man on suspicion of drug possession claim that the man initiated the physical confrontation that led them to electrocute the man with a stun gun. While being shocked multiple times with the stun gun, the man spat out several small packages that contained crack cocaine, a police report said.

Police search of car leads to drug charges against men

A police search of a Pittsburgh-area man's car during a traffic stop early on Jan. 11 led to criminal charges against the man and his passenger. The men face an array of charges, including possession of marijuana and Xanax.

Rapper Ja Rule begins serving time on weapons charges

A young man is pulled over for speeding and police officers discover a reason to search his automobile. During the search, they discover a loaded weapon inside of the vehicle and the young man is forced to answer to weapons charges.

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