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Posts tagged "search warrant"

Pennsylvania physician accused of health care fraud

A Tioga County physician was charged with health care fraud and unlawful distribution of a controlled substance on Aug. 22. According to the report, the physician was accused of providing prescriptions for narcotics without a legitimate medical purpose between January 2010 and July 2013.

48 people detained in Pennsylvania drug sting

According to the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office, a June 23 drug raid focused on a variety of dealers with connections to two loosely tied organizations that distribute drugs throughout at least three counties in the state. Law enforcement officials detained 48 individuals accused of being drug dealers, including three Birdsboro resents, authorities reported.

Pennsylvania man accused of ties to Mexican drug cartel

A 65-year-old man has been accused of being involved with a Mexican drug cartel for nearly two decades. The man, who was born in Mexico but is now a legal citizen of the U.S., is facing federal drug charges. Law enforcement officials conducted a raid on his property.

Sharpsburg company cooperating in Target hacking investigation

A Pittsburgh-area business has gotten tangled in the recent hacking of Target stores throughout the United States. Hackers are believed to have installed malware in the checkout system for about 1,800 stores. It's estimated that, during the holiday season, the hackers accessed 40 million credit card and debit card numbers, along with the personal information of 70 million customers.

Federal court: Police must have warrant to track suspects with GPS

The Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is based in Philadelphia and has jurisdiction over courts in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Recently, with regard to an alleged string of pharmacy burglaries, the federal appeals court ruled that investigators violated a man's Fourth Amendment rights by placing a GPS tracking device on his van without a warrant.

Pennsylvania police arrest 18 in drug trafficking investigation

Joint investigations conducted by law enforcement can bring down serious charges to a large number of people. In such investigations, Pennsylvania law enforcement agents will use a wide range of techniques to secure the evidence they need to execute search and arrest warrants on those they suspect are involved in drug trafficking. In a recent investigation, 18 individuals have been arrested who police claim were part of a violent gang that distributed heroin in the Wilkinsburg area.

Pennsylvania police raid leads to drug trafficking charges

It can take a substantial period of time for law enforcement to build a case against a targeted individual. Surveillance, controlled purchases and the use of under cover officers can all be utilized in order to accumulate enough evidence to secure a court approved search warrant. When this warrant is issued, and Pennsylvania authorities enter a targeted residence, what they find inside can serve as their basis for the filing of drug trafficking charges.

Wiz Khalifa makes PSA video in exchange for drug charge dismissal

Pittsburgh-born rapper Wiz Khalifa has avoided prosecution for alleged drug possession through a plead deal. In exchange for prosecutors dropping marijuana possession charges, the popular hip-hop artists made a public-service video encouraging children to make good life choices.

Judge blocks FBI's computer hacking request for vagueness

When a federal, state or local law enforcement agency wants to search somebody's home or property in Pittsburgh, they generally must get a search warrant first. The principle behind this is to prevent police from conducting random searches of people's homes with little to no pretext. Our nation was founded on the idea of limited police powers and the Fourth Amendment in the Bill of Rights helps enshrine this principle with its warrant requirement.

Police call leads to warrantless search, drug arrests

Back on Oct. 10, we discussed how police officers in Pittsburgh sometimes search people's homes and seize property without having obtained a search warrant first. Though the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is generally interpreted to require that law enforcement obtain a warrant before entering and searching a home, exceptions to that rule do exist. In cases where officers conducted a warrantless search, the officers and prosecutors who bring charges based on the search's results often will claim one of these exceptions as justification.

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