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Tweets gone bad

One of the problems with today's culture and our ability to constantly stay "plugged in" via our mobile phones, tablets, and other fancy tech devices is that it is often difficult to hide. It is also difficult to communicate the same message that an in person message may convey. That is why it is so important to be careful what you tweet, Facebook, or send in an email.

Pennsylvania man found guilty of bank fraud and identity theft

A federal grand jury has found a 35-year-old Pennsylvania man guilty of bank fraud and identity theft. The man was accused of being at the center of an identity theft conspiracy that may have stolen as much as $1 million.

Roger Clemens unveils defense strategy in perjury trial

Former Pittsburgh Pirate outfielder Barry Bonds was convicted of federal charges related to his testimony about steroid use in baseball earlier this month. Roger Clemens is facing similar charges in federal court. In December, we noted that Clemens' trial was being postponed in order for his defense team to review the approximately 54,000 pages of evidence that could be used against him in his trial. Clemens is facing obstruction and perjury charges regarding testimony about his use of performance enhancing drugs he gave in Congressional hearings in 2008.

Barry Bonds found guilty of obstruction of justice

Last week, a federal jury convicted former Pittsburgh Pirate Barry Bonds for a single count of obstruction of justice. Bonds was convicted of the federal offense, though the jury became deadlocked regarding three other charges involving whether Bonds lied to a grand jury regarding an investigation of steroid use in sports.

More bank fraud charges come from failure of Pittsburgh bank

Ever since the financial crisis began, federal investigators and prosecutors have been taking a hard line against people accused of financial fraud. The punishment for these types of crimes can involve lengthy prison sentences and huge fines. The recent prosecutions arising out of the failure of Dwelling House Savings and Loan Association illustrate this phenomenon.

Counterfeit Sports Jerseys Land Pennsylvania Man in Federal Court

How often have you been invited by a street vendor to buy designer perfume, clothes or other merchandise at deep discount prices? Chances are good that those bargain basement goods are counterfeit and you may be surprised to learn that they are also illegal. Almost everyone knows that counterfeiting money is a crime, but that is not the only type of counterfeiting that concerns federal agents. Federal law not only punishes counterfeiting money, the Lanham Act also punishes counterfeiting goods. A Pennsylvania retailer has found this out the hard way.

FBI Probes Into Theft by Government Workers in Pennsylvania

The paper trail began in 2008, when police searched an auto-body shop in North Philadelphia. They expected to find stolen vehicles, and they did. But they also found something they did not expect. They found stockpiles of building supplies with bills from Home Depot made out to the Philadelphia Housing Authority. Needless to say, the PHA does not officially sanction chop shops, so what were these supplies doing there?

Dropped Gun Kills Pennsylvania Man, Weapons Charges may Follow

An accidental shooting may lead to homicide and weapons charges for a Harrisburg man. The victim was fatally shot while having a conversation with the man who police believe may be his killer. According to witnesses, the victim was speaking outside of his home with the suspect when a concealed handgun fell from the suspect's pocket. The weapon fell to the pavement, discharged, and shot the victim in the chest.

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