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Pennsylvania men accused of fraud against University

Two men are facing serious criminal charges after authorities claim that they acted to defraud the University of Pennsylvania. The men each face seven counts of wire fraud, as well as one count each of conspiring to commit money laundering. The story has received a great deal of media coverage throughout the state and beyond.

Man facing federal child pornography, trafficking charges

Authorities have arrested a man who is accused of several very serious criminal charges related to his interaction with a 15-year-old girl. Investigators assert that the man, who is 51 years of age, crossed state lines for the purpose of transporting the girl out of Pennsylvania and into a neighboring state. He is accused of interacting with the girl with the intent to engage in sexual acts, which is a federal crime. He is now charged with exploitation of a child, possession and distribution of child pornography and trafficking of a minor for the purpose of sexual activities.

Former nanny faces multiple charges for theft, arson, fraud

A woman who was once employed as a nanny for Pittsburgh Penguins player Chris Kunitz now faces a range of very serious criminal charges. The 26-year-old Pennsylvania woman was accused of stealing from Kunitz and his wife following an unrelated investigation led by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. She now faces a mix of criminal charges and will be prosecuted at both the federal and state level.

Man facing federal charges for child pornography

When an individual is accused of sex crimes connected to children, the response of the community is one of outrage and anger. Once an arrest has been made for child pornography or similar crimes, details about the accused are quickly spread by the media, along with details of the alleged crimes. What many in Pennsylvania fail to realize is that many of these charges never make it before a court of law, and a good volume of those that do result in acquittal or dismissal of the charges. By that time, however, the reputation of the accused has already sustained irreparable damage.

How identity theft is detected

An individual in Pennsylvania could receive criminal charges for identity theft if prosecutors believe that they obtained another person's credit card information through fraud. Because a victim of identity theft is usually unaware of the theft when it occurs, detecting the theft is much different than an investigation into a robbery or a burglary.

Man held in alleged counterfeit bail bond case

A 47-year-old Pennsylvania bail bondsman is facing charges for securing execution of documents by deception, forgery, bad checks and access device fraud/counterfeit after he allegedly tried to post a counterfeit bail bond. The $500,000 bond was for an individual accused of dealing drugs.

Pennsylvania AG announces insurance fraud sweep

The attorney general of Pennsylvania announced on Sept. 22 that 27 individuals had been taken into custody in a sweep following a statewide effort to combat white collar crime. The individuals are to be charged with various forms of insurance fraud ranging from forging prescriptions to claiming disability benefits while working. Kane said that insurance fraud costs the economy billions of dollars each year.

Defense claims breach of attorney-client confidentiality

After entering a not guilty plea to fraud charges last year, the attorney for the founder of an online Pennsylvania charter school is asking a federal judge to dismiss the charges against his client. A motion filed by the defense claims that some of the evidence includes illegal recordings of telephone conversations in which attorneys gave the defendant legal advice. The defense motion characterizes the conversations as protected by attorney-client confidentiality rules.

Pennsylvania man to be sentenced in $1.3 million fraud case

Pennsylvania readers may recall hearing media reports in recent years regarding a fraud case involving a generator-selling scam. Most recently, reports have indicated that the case against the Pennsylvania man accused of fraudulent sales transactions with consumers has entered the sentencing phase. Cases such as this one may reinforce what readers already know -- that in our state, criminal charges of fraud can carry strict consequences.

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