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What is a criminal charge of "organized retail theft"?

Many Pennsylvania residents might associate the word "theft" with someone simply taking something that does not belong to them. That could be an article of clothing, a motor vehicle, electronic equipment and just about anything else. If a person faces allegations of committing theft, there will be charges and penalties that can be serious if the value of the item that was taken reaches a certain level. Another aspect of theft is "organized retail theft." Understanding this specific law and the potential consequences for a conviction is an integral part of an effective criminal defense.

Fast food workers face assault charges after fight

In Pennsylvania and across the United States, there are frequently videos on social media making light of physical altercations in fast food restaurants. While many might be amused, it is certainly not funny if people are injured and there are assault charges. A conviction for assault and battery can result in long-term penalties, including jail time and fines. There can be problems after the sentence has been served, as these charges can rise to the felony level and might follow the person in all aspects of life. Oftentimes, these are individuals who are in their late-teens and just starting out in life.

What acts will lead to state charges for robbery in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania residents might have a basic understanding of the terms "theft" and "robbery," but may be unsure of what acts will result in these allegations and charges. Given the potentially serious penalties a person will face if there is a conviction on state charges for robbery, it is important to understand when these charges will be filed.

Allegations of theft of funds leads to arrest of local teacher

Schools in Butler and throughout Pennsylvania often have money allocated for extracurricular activities, like sports. Teachers have access to this money. In some cases, if a certain amount goes missing, there may be allegations that a teacher or other school administrator stole it. When there is an arrest on these types of charges, it can have long-term consequences in a personal and professional way.

Man faces vehicle theft and assault charges after biting officer

People who are arrested for crimes in Butler and across Pennsylvania could find themselves in difficult circumstances with major allegations and the possibility of extensive penalties. Vehicle theft is a serious charge, but when that is compounded by resisting arrest and assault charges on a law enforcement officer, the person will face the prospect of a significant jail sentence. People arrested on these or similar allegations should be aware of their options for formulating a comprehensive defense strategy.

What if you are arrested for allegations of criminal mischief?

In Pennsylvania, there are certain legal terms that are obvious and easy to understand when a person is arrested and faces a criminal charge. For example, if a person is arrested for theft, the charge is relatively self-explanatory. However, other charges can be more confusing as to what it specifically entails. An example of this is "criminal mischief." There are many acts that will lead to criminal mischief charges and those who are facing these allegations must know what they are since this is a vital part of formulating a strong defense and potentially avoiding the penalties for a conviction.

What is the law regarding assault charges on a sports official?

Any assault charge in Pennsylvania will be problematic for the individual who is confronted with the allegations and potential penalties. In any case in which there are assault charges, the circumstances are critical. For some situations, the charges will be enhanced and the penalties will rise commensurately. This is true when there is a charge of assault on a sports official. For people who are facing these allegations, having a strong legal defense is imperative to attempt to avoid the long-term consequences of a conviction.

What if I face a criminal charge for indecent assault?

Being accused of sex-related crimes in Pennsylvania can have a lasting effect on a person's life. When there is a criminal conviction, the penalties are severe and, in many cases, do not end after the debt to society has been paid. The stigma with these allegations is vast and will hinder the person in myriad ways.

Women face severe penalties after robberies

Being accused of robbery in Pennsylvania can lead to a litany of charges that will negatively impact a person's life. When accusations of robbery are made, people automatically picture a person holding a gun or knife. However, there are many circumstances where robbery charges can be filed. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the allegations, it is critical to contact a criminal defense attorney.

What is the law for allegations of stalking in Pennsylvania?

The term "stalking" carries with it negative connotations regardless of its context. Pennsylvanians can feel threatened, afraid and not know how to handle a situation where there is a person who they believe is stalking them and will not stop. Often, they will file criminal charges against the person. Law enforcement is obligated to treat these allegations seriously to protect those who say they are being victimized. Still, just because a person says that he or she is being stalked does not make it true. It certainly does not mean that it will warrant a criminal conviction and the accompanying penalties for a conviction. People who have been accused of stalking another person should think about their rights and have legal assistance to provide a defense.

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