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Federal charges follow kidnapping of jewelry store employee

A violent episode that took place in early April has led to the arrest of one man and a search for two others. Many Pennsylvania readers will recall media coverage of the kidnapping and beating of an employee of National Watch and Diamond Exchange in Philadelphia. The woman was forced into a van by three men and tortured as the men tried to extract information from her about the store's security. Charges have now been filed in the case.

Plastic surgeon faces federal charges after DEA probe

Federal prosecutors have accused a Pennsylvania plastic surgeon of interfering with an investigation conducted by the Drug Enforcement Administration. The 68-year-old doctor has held a medical license within the state since 1976 and has performed thousands of surgical procedures from his office in Greensburg. As he nears the end of his career, he will have to address federal charges that he knowingly took steps to thwart a DEA investigation.

Group of 6 suspected of involvement in federal crime ring

Six individuals have been arrested and charged in a case that spans multiple states, including Pennsylvania. Authorities believe that the six individuals may have worked together to conduct robberies targeting Jared Galleria of Jewelry stores. The federal crime probe led to the recent signing of a complaint by a federal judge that accuses the six of interference of commerce by threats or violence.

Trial to move forward after certain federal charges dropped

Pennsylvania readers may be aware of a large-scale federal case against six former narcotics officers who were working out of Philadelphia. The case centers on a 25-count indictment against the men, who are accused of running what is referred to as a "gangland enterprise," in which they allegedly robbed and beat drug suspects, among other charges. Attorneys for the men recently went before the court to ask that the trial be stopped after it appeared that one of the witnesses for the prosecution had lied before the grand jury.

Firearms charges may rise due to new initiative

In an effort to stem the flow of drugs and weapons throughout Pennsylvania, The U.S. Attorney's office is unrolling a new initiative aimed at the state's highways. The effort, known as Project Safe Neighborhoods, is funded by way of a $44,000 Justice Department grant. Four state prosecutors have been deputized as special assistant U.S. attorneys and will work to examine local firearms cases and determine which ones are suitable for federal prosecution.

Tax collector enters guilty plea to federal theft charges

According to sources, a Pennsylvania tax collector pleaded guilty to federal theft charges for reportedly stealing in excess of $300,000 in taxpayer funds. The 46-year-old woman served as the tax collector for Spring Garden Township from 1995 until Oct. 2009, with the alleged thefts occurring during 2008 and 2009.

Man indicted for 6 bank robberies

A federal grand jury in Pittsburgh has indicted a Pennsylvania man on six different counts of bank robbery. According to the indictment, the 33-year-old Allegheny County resident robbed six banks between Dec. 1, 2014 and Jan. 16, 2015. If convicted of the federal charges, the accused man could face up to 20 years behind bars and a fine of up to $250,000 per count.

Defense representation for conspiracy charges

If you are a Pennsylvania resident facing federal drug charges, the prosecutor in your case may have added a charge of conspiracy. This is a serious charge that could result in your conviction even if you are not convicted of selling, trafficking or manufacturing drugs.

Elected official to plead guilty on extortion charges

The former state treasurer of Pennsylvania was charged with two counts of extortion related to his dealings with a law firm and a property-management firm. The charges state that he used his position to intimidate two potential campaign donors. He issued verbal threats of possible retaliation if they did not donate. He could face up to 40 years in prison if the maximum penalty for both charges is issued.

Federal money laundering cases in Pennsylvania

Money laundering, an activity in which a person or business attempts to hide the true source of money, is prohibited by law and may be federally prosecuted. In cases of money laundering, the person or business attempts to hide the source of money derived from illegal activities, such as health care fraud, drug trafficking or public corruption, for purposes of evading taxes that would otherwise be owed.

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