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Police use checkpoints to find drivers committing DWI offenses

There are many ways in which drivers in Pennsylvania can be stopped for an investigation to determine if driving under the influence is taking place. Oftentimes, law enforcement officials are on patrol and see a driver behaving suspiciously or exhibiting possible hallmarks of DUI or DWI. In other instances, law enforcement officials will set up a checkpoint to randomly stop vehicles and check to see if drivers might be intoxicated. While this can lead to an arrest, a conviction and the potential consequences, drivers should consider their alternatives for a defense when they are arrested in this way.

Local politician faces DWI offenses after passing out in traffic

In Pennsylvania, anyone can be charged with driving under the influence regardless of their position in society. Independent of their individual situation, the charges, penalties and potential problems that can result from a conviction will be vast. For those who have been charged more than once, the penalties will be worse. Before doing anything else, it is crucial to contact a law firm that has defended many clients who are dealing with DWI offenses.

Man charged with DWI offenses after separate crashes

Drunk driving and drugged driving are understandably major concerns in Butler and throughout Pennsylvania. Law enforcement officials are aggressive in trying to catch drivers who might be under the influence. In some cases, there is an accident and law enforcement officials are called after the fact. Once they have investigated, they may determine that the driver was under the influence and make an arrest. With the various penalties that can be assessed for a DWI conviction, it is imperative to formulate a viable defense.

Man faces multiple DWI offenses and more after police chase

Many arrests for driving under the influence in Pennsylvania occur when there is a traffic stop, testing and the driver is placed under arrest if the blood-alcohol concentration surpasses the legal limit. It is unusual for there to be a high-speed chase and other offenses that exponentially worsen the alleged DUI or DWI offenses. In some cases, however, the driver might flee or there could be accusations that criminal violations were committed in conjunction with DUI.

Man faces DWI charges, fleeing law enforcement and more

It is natural for people in Butler who are being stopped by law enforcement to be nervous and concerned as to what will happen. This is especially true if there is a chance that they will face charges for driving while intoxicated. Although the potential consequences for DWI charges can be significant, the situation can be made worse if the person decides to flee from law enforcement.

Man faces DWI offenses and other charges after crash into people

For drivers in Butler County and across Pennsylvania, being charged with driving while intoxicated can result in severe penalties, lost driving privileges and jail time. Along with DWI offenses, there can be other charges if there was an accident and people were injured or even killed. Although DWI is an irresponsible act, those who are arrested for DWI have the right to a legal defense to avoid the worse potential consequences. A strong defense is imperative to assess the situation and attempt to achieve a satisfactory result. This is especially true when people are hit and injured by a driver who is accused of having been operating a vehicle under the influence.

Man faces severe penalties after DUI

Being arrested and convicted for driving under the influence in Pennsylvania will cause significant problems in a person's life. Among the potential consequences are a driver's license suspension, fines and even jail. It is always important to have a strong defense against these charges. With any DUI case, there is a significant chance that there will be other allegations accompanying it. If, for example, the driver attempted to elude law enforcement, there will be harsher penalties. When confronted with a combination of charges related to a DUI, formulating a legal defense becomes even more vital.

Woman arrested on slew of DWI charges after slow-speed chase

Being arrested for drunk driving in Butler County and throughout Pennsylvania can have long-term ramifications on a person's life. With the possible jail sentence, fines, lost driving privileges and more, it is imperative that there be a strong defense against the allegations immediately. This is true regardless of the circumstances, whether there was an accident, or if there are multiple DWI charges lodged against the individual. No matter what, it is essential to have legal assistance.

What are the penalties for tampering with an ignition interlock?

In many Pennsylvania cases in which a driver has been convicted of driving under the influence, one of the penalties that will be assessed is that the person's vehicle must have an ignition interlock device installed. These devices are used to measure whether a driver has alcohol in his or her system before it will start. Also, there will be the intermittent requirement that the driver blow into the device to ensure no alcohol was consumed from the previous time the test was given. If the driver registers a certain amount of blood-alcohol content or does not take the test, the vehicle will stop automatically and emit signals as to what has occurred.

Man faces DWI offenses and weapons charges after hit-and-run

Law enforcement in Butler and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania treat drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs very seriously. Since these acts can cause injuries and fatalities, there is great vigilance to stop and arrest drivers who exhibit signs of intoxication. In some instances, there is a motor vehicle accident and the driver was alleged to have been committing DWI offenses. Often, there are other factors that will increase the charges to greater severity. Along with that will come harsher penalties and potential consequences. After an arrest, having legal advice is crucial regardless of the circumstances.

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