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Posts tagged "Internet crime"

A look at federal computer trespassing laws and penalties

Pittsburgh residents interested in information about internet crime may wish to know more about unauthorized access of federal government computer systems. Depending on the specific circumstances, the penalties for these offenses can be very serious.

How identity theft is detected

An individual in Pennsylvania could receive criminal charges for identity theft if prosecutors believe that they obtained another person's credit card information through fraud. Because a victim of identity theft is usually unaware of the theft when it occurs, detecting the theft is much different than an investigation into a robbery or a burglary.

What is cyberwarfare?

Residents of Pennsylvania may have heard the word cyberwarfare in the past. The definition of cyberwarfare is any attack done in a virtual setting that is almost always politically motivated. There are several different types of acts that would qualify as cyberwarfare. For example, an entity may try to sabotage its enemy's financial or military system by hacking into a computer network.

Identify theft in Pennsylvania

In the state of Pennsylvania, identity theft is defined as any offense that includes an individual's attempt to non-consensually utilize any identifying information of another for unlawful intent. In the modern age, identity theft is common and far-reaching on the Internet, and anyone may easily fall victim to phishing scams. Information including credit card numbers and bank account passwords and usernames may be stolen in the process.

Man accused of child porn based on IP address

Internet crimes can land you in prison, so if you're charged with one, it's best to seek advice on how to best protect your interests. Web site fraud, Internet sex crimes and child pornography are just some of the things that count as criminal acts on the Internet, but these kinds of charges can be difficult to prove. You may want to consider this case while you think about what to do for yours.

Target security breach may be related to Pittsburgh area company

While the internet has done big things for people from one side of the world to the next, it has also opened up the opportunity for related crime. Last December, Target's computer systems were compromised. As a result, personal and financial information associated with as many as 70 million people was stolen.

Internet crime leads to life of prostitution according to experts

In Pennsylvania, you may not think that prostitution is going on much, but this story from the area begs to differ. This story about Internet crimes and prostitution may interest you, because some of the pimps are recruiting girls through the net. It's a reminder that children aren't safe from Internet crimes, and sometimes the person on the other end isn't who they say they are. With this in mind, it's also important to remember that the Internet activities aren't one-sided and that there are people who have been accused of crimes that they haven't committed in the past. If you've been accused of Internet crimes like fraud, sex trafficking, or other crimes, you do deserve the right to defend yourself.

Man sent to prison for child pornography

Child pornography is a serious Internet crime that can deleteriously impact a number of people, as well as society as a whole. Recently, a man from Blairsville, Pennsylvania, has been ordered to serve 20 years in prison for producing and distributing child pornography on the Internet.

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