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Posts tagged "Internet Crimes"

Pennsylvania court denies request in internet sex crime case

Sex-related offenses involving children are often aggressively prosecuted in Pennsylvania. Defendants, however, are entitled to the most aggressive and experienced support available. In many situations, this type of assistance is crucial toward a positive outcome when internet sex crime charges have been filed.

Man from Pennsylvania charged with identity theft

U.S. Marshals have been pursuing a man from Pennsylvania accused of stealing the identity of his girlfriend's former spouse. The 25-year-old has been formally charged with identity theft, but he was in another state when he was arrested. Authorities claim the man committed several other crimes, as well.

Your online activity may be considered an internet crime

Millions of people, including many in Pennsylvania, frequently engage in online activities. Some use the internet for business, others for pleasure and social networking, while still others may access various websites and documents for educational purposes. Those who log on to public websites are advised to choose their online activities carefully so as not to participate in anything that may cause them to be suspected of committing an internet crime.

Police search Pennsylvania home for child pornography

When Pennsylvania police knock on a person's door and search his or her home, life may become instantly challenging in many ways. If a search leads to an arrest or criminal charges, the negative impact of the situation may be immediate and long-lasting. In a recent incident involving suspected child pornography, one man lost some of his personal liberties as soon as he was arraigned.

Investigators accuse Pennsylvania men of internet sex crime

Law enforcement agents in Pennsylvania say they remain strong in their efforts to deter sexual crimes against minors. A recent incident occurred that resulted in two men being charged with an internet sex crime. One of them is a 29-year-old, the other 10 years older.

Man pleads guilty to identity theft and more in Pennsylvania

A 23-year-old man who came to the United States from another country was charged with, and has pleaded guilty to, several crimes. Apparently, the man was living with foster parents, whom he now says he was conspiring with to commit deceptive and unlawful acts. Officials have stated that they have never seen someone go to such great lengths to commit identity theft as the man in this situation did.

Pennsylvania man charged for child pornography

A man who was formerly employed as an athletic trainer in a Pennsylvania school district has been charged with a sex-related crime. Among other allegations, he is accused of using a communications facility to commit illicit acts involving child pornography. The charges he now faces are categorized as third degree felonies.

Internet sex crime sting results in arrest of Pennsylvania man

Police claim there is a website that adults who are interested in engaging in illicit sexual activities with minors frequent. Apparently, authorities launched a recent sting operation in hopes of catching someone in an internet sex crime. Reportedly, law agents claim the sting was a success after they connected with a Pennsylvania man and arrested him.

Defendant plans to appeal child solicitation decision

A man was recently convicted of committing illicit acts against six girls. The situation unfolded after several incidents took place, and parents of several of the girls recently spoke in court. The man who was convicted of child solicitation and other heinous acts in Pennsylvania apparently has plans to file an appeal regarding the court's decision, according to his newly appointed attorney.

Pennsylvania man will do time behind bars for internet sex crime

A man in Pennsylvania was sentenced to prison after incidents that apparently began online.  It seems he used personal devices to commit an internet sex crime when he communicated with someone he thought was a 39-year-old mother of two young girls. He will now serve anywhere from two and a half to five years in prison for his participation in the events that unfolded.

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