"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
- Stephen M. Misko
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Know Your Rights

Have you been arrested? Are you being investigated or has a police officer contacted you about a criminal case? Have you been issued a target letter or called before a state or federal grand jury?

If so, you should seek advice and representation from a criminal defense attorney. Without an experienced defense advocate on your side, your rights and freedom are under grave threat.

Stephen M. Misko at PennLaw, LLC, will provide strong representation at all stages of your case, whether it be in state or federal court. He will work diligently to protect your rights and, whenever possible, take measures to avoid the filing of charges. If charges cannot be avoided, Mr. Misko will take immediate action to begin building your defense.

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Contact PennLaw, LLC, today for a free consultation. Attorney Stephen M. Misko can review your case and explain what he can do to protect your rights and preserve your freedom.

Don’t Take Needless Risks

Anything you say to a police officer, investigator or grand jury can and will be used against you. Even a seemingly innocent comment could incriminate you or confirm what someone else said about your involvement in a crime. You should also beware of the “friendly” police officer or investigator. That person is not your friend. He or she is hunting for information that could be used against you.

In any of these situations, get legal help as soon as possible.

Early Intervention Can Make A Difference

Early intervention will allow a defense attorney to raise doubts in the prosecutor’s mind regarding the strength of the state’s evidence.

Stephen M. Misko is a former police officer, federal agent and state prosecutor. He understands what police officers and prosecutors look for when deciding whether to go forward with a case. Mr. Misko has persuaded police investigators and prosecutors not to file charges or to file lesser charges on several occasions.

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