"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
- Stephen M. Misko
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If you are an undocumented alien who has been arrested on criminal charges, you face two serious legal problems. You could be convicted of the crime and sentenced to jail or prison. You could also be deported, whether you are convicted or found not guilty of the underlying criminal charge. If you are a legal resident in the U.S. and have been arrested, you are at risk of losing your immigration status.

Whether you are an undocumented alien or a legal U.S. resident, you need a strong and effective defense effort. PennLaw, LLC, is an experienced criminal defense law firm. We aggressively defend undocumented aliens and legal foreign residents of the U.S. who face state and federal criminal charges.

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Contact PennLaw, LLC, for a free consultation. Attorney Stephen M. Misko can review your case and explain your legal options.

A Coordinated Defense Effort

PennLaw, LLC, will work closely with an immigration law attorney to coordinate our efforts on your behalf. Regarding the criminal charges against you, our firm will work to build a strong defense for you.

Stephen M. Misko is a former federal agent and prosecutor who now uses his experience and skills to defend the rights and freedom of people accused of criminal charges. Mr. Misko has formerly worked at the Mexican border as a San Diego Police Officer, and understands the reasons and circumstances of illegal re-entry, and paths to remain in this country.

If you have been arrested, get legal representation as soon as possible. Your freedom and immigration status are at risk.

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For a free consultation with PennLaw, LLC, contact our firm. From our offices in Butler and Pittsburgh, PennLaw, LLC, represents clients throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

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