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White Collar Crimes Archives

Unidentified woman booked in Pennsylvania on white collar charges

Being convicted of a white collar crime can often result in severe consequences that include long prison sentences. A woman has been arrested in Pennsylvania for alleged identify theft, but right now, police do not know who she actually is. In addition to the current white collar charges, she may face additional criminal counts for similar crimes that police believe she committed elsewhere in the region.

White collar charges are a common occurrence in Pennsylvania

White collar charges are far more common in Pennsylvania than one might believe. The consequences associated with a conviction for forgery can be extremely heavy. In fact, forgery charges that result in a criminal conviction can result in extensive jail time. However, individuals facing white collar charges have the right to defend themselves in a court of law. Obviously, this right is often best asserted with the aid of legal counsel for the construction of a strong defense. 

Must store owners know when shoppers are committing tax fraud?

A Secret Service investigation in another state may leave retailers in Pittsburgh wondering what the federal government expects them to do as far as detecting possible tax fraud among their customers. The owner of a mall kiosk in another state has had nearly $380,000 seized by the federal government that investigators say was spent by customers who had illicitly obtained tax refunds that did not belong to them.

Judge blocks FBI's computer hacking request for vagueness

When a federal, state or local law enforcement agency wants to search somebody's home or property in Pittsburgh, they generally must get a search warrant first. The principle behind this is to prevent police from conducting random searches of people's homes with little to no pretext. Our nation was founded on the idea of limited police powers and the Fourth Amendment in the Bill of Rights helps enshrine this principle with its warrant requirement.

Agent accused of defrauding insurance companies

A Pennsylvania insurance agent has been charged in federal court with several white collar crimes after insurance companies complained that the woman circumvented their policies regarding older applicants. Prosecutors allege that the agent misled the providers about a client's age and financial situation in order to collect larger commissions from selling insurance to the client.

Gambling addiction often fuels embezzlement, other crimes

For many Pittsburgh-area residents, an addiction to gambling is every bit as insidious and life-consuming as an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Gambling at local casinos and racetracks can cost addicts their jobs, homes or families as finding money to feed their sickness becomes their primary obsession. Many cases of embezzlement or other white collar crimes are due to a gambling addiction, as a recent article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette notes.

Manager accused of embezzling from store

Authorities are accusing the former manager of an Allegheny County sporting goods store of committing embezzlement against the store. Prosecutors claim that the man stole more than $100,000 over a five-year period. The defendant pleaded not guilty on Jan. 30 to the charges, which include several theft and embezzlement charges.

Ex-drilling company employee charged with conspiracy, tax fraud

A former employee of a western Pennsylvania natural gas drilling company is accused of helping a company executive commit embezzlement. The defendant is also charged with tax fraud and mail fraud. Prosecutors claim the conspiracy went on for several years. If convicted of these white collar charges, the woman could face decades in prison.

Wells Fargo investment banker accused of insider trading conspirac

A New York-based investment banker for Wells Fargo Securities and nine others have been civilly charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission with insider trading, after it was allegedly discovered that he was passing confidential information to a "phone tree" of his friends and their friends.

Town employees arrested on embezzlement charges

Readers in Pittsburgh may be interested to hear about the arrest of a married couple in another state on suspicion of embezzling from the town they worked for. The spouses were arrested on Nov. 20 and accused of using thousands of dollars of municipal funds for personal purchases. Each suspect was released on $25,000 bail on the white collar charges.

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