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Federal Felonies Archives

Man facing new federal charges related to woman's death

A man who is already accused of multiple federal crimes is now facing new charges in the death of a woman who was acting as a witness against him. The 35-year old is at risk of serious repercussions if he is found guilty on any of these charges. If convicted on all counts, he could end up spending the remainder of his life in federal prison. There is no word on how he will respond to the new charges as his attorneys have not yet made any comment on the matter.

2 Pennsylvania inmates facing new federal charges

Two Pennsylvania men, already imprisoned in a federal facility, are now facing new federal charges after an incident that took place within the prison. As a result, they will now go through the judicial process for those new charges. The end result could be additional time added on to their current sentences.

Royce Gracie and his wife accused of tax evasion crimes

Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Famer Royce Gracie is reportedly preparing for one the biggest fights in his life; however, this one is not martial arts-related. Gracie and his wife have been accused of tax evasion and are battling the IRS regarding the federal criminal allegations against them. The alleged fraud of which the Gracies are accused amounts to more than $1 million in owed tax monies. UFC fans in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation will likely be interested in an update on the situation.

Police officer facing federal corruption charges

A long time officer with the Fairview Township Police Department in Pennsylvania has been arrested and charged with corruption. The 17-year veteran is now facing a maximum of 30 years in federal prison if convicted. The charges include removing evidence that should have been seized and providing false information to the federal authorities. He is also accused of violating the federal Hobbs Act, which prohibits using force, intimidation or violence to interfere with interstate commerce.

Teenager arrested and charged with crimes of terrorism

The world's attention has been focused on terrorism for some time, and no one wants to see more lives lost to acts of hatred. In this country, laws have been passed that make certain activities that are related to terrorism federal crimes. When an individual is accused of such an act, the repercussions can be dire, and the need to mount a strong legal response is urgent. Such is the case for a Pennsylvania teen who stands accused of supporting terrorism.

Teenage boys facing multiple felony charges in Pennsylvania

Two teens from Allentown, Pennsylvania, are in serious legal trouble as a result of a lengthy criminal investigation. Both 19 years of age, the young men are facing multiple felony charges in relation to robberies at local businesses. A grand jury recently indicted both on charges of robbery and using a firearm during a crime. Should these charges result in convictions, the course of these teens' lives will make a serious detour.

Man pleads guilty on federal drug and sex trafficking charges

Following a federal investigation into some members of a gang suspected of heroin trafficking and prostitution, a Pennsylvania man recently pleaded guilty in a U.S. District Court. He was one of seven individuals that were indicted by a federal grand jury in September. The man admitted to charges of participating in conspiring to traffic heroin and also participating in a conspiracy regarding sex trafficking.

Multiple felony charges for Pennsylvania man

A Pennsylvania man who is already awaiting trial on multiple federal offenses is now accused of additional crimes. The new federal charges carry a potential sentence of up to 20 years in prison. As it stands, the punitive repercussions for a conviction on the multiple felony charges are severe and would have an enormous impact on the rest of the man's life. Avoiding that outcome is likely his top priority as the case against him moves forward.

Airline passenger could face federal crime charges

Most Pennsylvania residents do not spend a large amount of time on airplanes and only travel a couple of times a year for business or vacation purposes. As such, few people are aware that the actions that an airline passenger might take while inflight could lead to federal criminal charges. Because of the focus in recent years on maintaining a safe inflight environment, individuals who act out on an airplane can suffer far greater consequences than those actions might merit while on the ground.

Former officer avoids federal felony charges

Pennsylvania readers may recall media coverage of an alleged act of police brutality. The incident took place some time ago, in 2003, and resulted in federal felony charges. At that time, the officer was following a vehicle that contained three young people. When that vehicle pulled into driveway, the officer drive on, until he noticed that an occupant of the vehicle seemed to be waving for his attention.

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