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Federal Drug Charges Archives

Federal drug case involves alleged heroin crimes

A situation recently developed in another state that resulted in many arrests. Some officials have commented that the federal drug case has brought down a major heroin ring in the area. Similar incidents in Pennsylvania in the past have prompted defendants to seek aggressive defense assistance before they faced their charges in court.

Fighting federal drug charges may preserve your reputation

Being formally accused of a crime may adversely affect one's reputation. Especially for those to whom good standing in a community is important, being faced with federal drug charges may place personal and professional reputations at risk. It is often possible to build a strong defense against such charges. In Pennsylvania, the process is typically begun by securing experienced criminal defense guidance.

Couple faces federal drug charges, police want their help

Being held in jail in Pennsylvania would obviously be a stressful experience. A situation may become complicated for those facing federal drug charges if law enforcement agents start asking for their help to aid in further investigations. This appears to the case in another state where a man and woman have been arrested on suspicion of selling carfentanil.

Several plead not guilty to federal drug charges

In Pennsylvania and other states, when situations include both state and federal charges, the state charges may be dismissed in order to more aggressively pursue the federal charges, which usually carry more severe sentences. Such appears to be the case regarding federal drug charges filed against three people in another state. They have each been indicted and have entered not guilty pleas.

Drug trafficking charges filed against man in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania police say they had reason to believe that drug-related crimes were occurring at a particular residence. They searched the premises and have since filed drug trafficking charges against a man. He is accused of dealing heroin in York.

Federal drug charges included in indictment against 17 people

Federal authorities in a state neighboring Pennsylvania say a recent indictment involved the largest drug bust ever in that region. Seventeen people were arrested and now face federal drug charges. Investigators say the disbanded drug trafficking ring moved narcotics valued in the millions of dollars.

Lengthy investigation leads to federal drug charges

Police officers in Pennsylvania and other states often use covert means to obtain alleged evidence in drug task force investigations. After remaining undercover for more than a year, investigators in another state have filed federal drug charges and made 16 arrests. They claim the huge drug operation involved marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine.

Many arrests made in alleged drug conspiracy in Pennsylvania

Authorities claim to have been engaged in an investigation involving drugs for more than a year. Recently, they made a number of arrests in connection with this investigation. Seventeen people in Pennsylvania now stand accused in the supposed drug conspiracy.

Pennsylvania prison nurse accused of drug trafficking

A woman in Pennsylvania is currently facing several serious criminal charges. She is accused of drug trafficking after being arrested on her way to work. Authorities claim she was attempting to smuggle large quantities of heroin into the prison facility where she was employed at the time.

Drug conspiracy and weapons charges filed in Pennsylvania

Several people were recently arrested following two apparent drug busts in Pennsylvania. Charges include drug conspiracy and weapons violations. Penalties for convictions for such crimes are often quite severe, and to increase one's chances of avoiding incarceration, or at least minimizing the negative impact of the situation, it is advisable to act alongside experienced defense counsel when facing such charges in court. 

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