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Fighting against federal charges involving wire fraud

When compared with particularly heinous crimes like murder, human trafficking or sexual assault, wire fraud might seem like a minor offense. However, the law takes a much more serious stance against wire fraud offenses than many defendants expect. In fact, wire fraud is among the most heavily prosecuted federal charges a person can face.

Can federal charges lead to a death sentence if convicted?

The last time an inmate was executed for engaging in federal crimes was in 2003. However, the death penalty is still a possibility if a defendant receives a conviction on federal charges. Not all of these crimes result in the death penalty, but if you are facing federal charges, it is wise to learn what is at stake should a conviction occur.

Defenses to theft charges

Theft, known as larceny in some states, refers to the crime of taking someone else's property without their permission. There are multiple categories and degrees of the federal crime of theft, depending on the amount being taken, the person whose property was taken, whether a weapon was involved and the venue at which the theft took place. Penalties also vary depending on the severity of the crime being charged.

What are the laws and penalties for kidnapping?

Any arrest in Pennsylvania will inevitably cause problems regardless of the allegations. For some charges, however, those allegations can have severe long-term consequences in a legal sense, along with a stigma for the person even after the case is over. A prime example is if the arrest is for kidnapping. It is important to know the law for kidnapping and how significant the penalties can be so that a strong defense can be formulated.

How long will a person be on the National Sex Offender Registry?

When charged with sex-based crimes, Pennsylvania residents should be cognizant of the litany of penalties they will face if they are convicted. Since these acts are considered so heinous, legislators in the state and across the nation have implemented harsh long-term consequences. Part of that is the National Sex Offender Registry. If a person is arrested on these charges, it is imperative to understand the possible penalties.

What constitutes kidnapping in Pennsylvania?

There are certain criminal allegations that Pennsylvania residents will immediately associate with the worst possible acts that a person can commit. Sex-based offenses fall into that category, as do any abusive or violent acts toward children. Another crime that will have negative connotations and severe penalties is kidnapping. It is imperative to separate the emotional reaction and reality. Understanding the law related to kidnapping and formulating a defense is key in a kidnapping case.

Couple faces federal charges for embezzlement and fraud

While people often associate criminal acts of theft with the use of weapons when conducting a robbery, fraud and embezzlement are white-collar crimes that are also classified as theft. People in a position of authority frequently find themselves accused of these crimes and sometimes the charges rise to the level of a federal crime. When facing these types of charges, it is crucial to have legal assistance.

What is the Pennsylvania law for online child pornography?

The mere mention of the words "online child pornography" when it is related to state charges in Pennsylvania or federal charges has the potential to stigmatize a person regardless of their guilt or innocence. However, no matter the situation, it is important for a person who is accused of exploiting children or being involved in child pornography to be aware of the need for a strong legal defense.

Timely, knowledgeable response to criminal charges vital

The criminal law realm is not unusual in the legal universe for being broad-based and complex. Many other areas of the law – from personal injury and estate planning to bankruptcy and insurance defense – are also nuanced and entail multiple considerations.

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