"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
- Stephen M. Misko

Fighting against federal charges involving wire fraud

| Mar 13, 2020 | Federal Charges |

When compared with particularly heinous crimes like murder, human trafficking or sexual assault, wire fraud might seem like a minor offense. However, the law takes a much more serious stance against wire fraud offenses than many defendants expect. In fact, wire fraud is among the most heavily prosecuted federal charges a person can face.

Wire fraud occurs when a person intentionally and voluntarily utilizes a communications device to defraud someone of valuable property or assets. Two devices frequently used to commit wire fraud are telephones (e.g., telemarketing schemes) and computers (e.g., phishing scams).

Federal charges involving this type of fraud may lead to significant consequences if a conviction occurs.

  • Convicted parties face imprisonment for up to 20 years.
  • Individuals face fines of up to $250,000.
  • Organizations face fines of up to $500,000.

It may seem bleak for those facing federal wire fraud charges, but defendants are not without options. As with other crimes, those looking at fraud charges have the right to a solid defense. By seeking help from an experienced attorney, you can explore all the legal solutions at your disposal.

Federal prosecutors have the burden of proof in these cases — as they do in all trials. With a timely and proactive approach to defending yourself, your chances of overcoming the charges against you is likely better than you first thought.

If you choose not to act quickly, you could be putting your freedom and your way of life in severe jeopardy. If a conviction does occur, you also risk losing the business relationships that you have worked hard to build.