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March 2020 Archives

You need a strong defense when facing state property charges

The law looks at different criminal actions in different ways. For example, many think that theft, robbery and burglary are the same types of state charges. However, there are several differences between the three. It is crucial to know these differences when the police have arrested you for property offenses in Pennsylvania.

Drug charges: Is marijuana legal in the state of Pennsylvania?

Despite growing tolerance regarding marijuana across the nation, possessing and selling this substance remains a crime here in Pennsylvania. This means that if you are caught with marijuana or caught selling cannabis, you could suffer incarceration on one or more drug charges.

Fighting against federal charges involving wire fraud

When compared with particularly heinous crimes like murder, human trafficking or sexual assault, wire fraud might seem like a minor offense. However, the law takes a much more serious stance against wire fraud offenses than many defendants expect. In fact, wire fraud is among the most heavily prosecuted federal charges a person can face.

Did police arrest you after someone else's overdose?

If someone dies of a drug overdose, many would declare it to be a tragic accident and hope for some improved treatment for addiction that would reduce the number of deaths by overdose. For law enforcement, however, an overdose death may easily become a homicide investigation. If you happen to have shared an illegal substance with the deceased, you may be the person police are looking for.

These are the possible expenses associated with DUI arrests

DUI charges are much more serious than many people believe. In recent decades, lawmakers across the country have implemented serious consequences for a DUI. The increased scrutiny surrounding drunken driving means that the consequences of an arrest could affect your life for many years.

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