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Yes, you can defend against drunk driving charges

It seems so cut and dried. A police officer arrests you on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol. Even if you are innocent, there is no way to beat the charge, right? Wrong! It seems hard to believe, but you can successfully stand up against such charges with the right approach and solid legal counsel.

You would likely be surprised at how many defendants sit back and take a passive role when facing drunk driving charges. We have seen this for ourselves when a defendant's family member asks us to build a DUI defense. Sure, Pennsylvania courts frown quite harshly upon such charges, but you still have the right to defend yourself.

Our DUI defense lawyers have found success using many different defense strategies. We will share some of these in the following section.

  • Improper traffic stop: For example, if the police officer has no probable cause to pull you over, it may be an improper stop.
  • Inaccurate sobriety tests: For example, many DUI defense lawyers have successfully challenged sobriety tests that rely on the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) test.
  • Civil rights violations: For example, an arresting officer may try to fake your sobriety test results to have more arrests on his or her employment record.
  • Involuntary intoxication: For example, if someone gives you drugs or alcohol without your knowledge (spiking a soft drink).
  • Forced into driving: For example, you took the wheel only because another party threatened your safety.

The most important thing you should take away from this post is to never give up on coming up with a solid DUI defense strategy. Acquiring legal counsel and guidance may open the way for a successful strategy that you had not considered. Please read more on our website and our blog for additional information.

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