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How serious are stalking allegations in Pennsylvania?

Defense attorneys are known for saying all allegations are serious allegations, and this is certainly true if someone accuses you of stalking. All states take a serious stance against such allegations. Of the many state charges a person could face, crimes centered on possibly endangering other people require a solid criminal defense.

As you may know, stalking often leads to other crimes such as assault, rape and murder. Most likely, you are innocent of all these offenses, and you may be innocent of stalking as well. However, it is unwise to assume you will not face state charges when someone accuses you of stalking behaviors. Because of the somewhat close relationship between stalking and more serious offenses, prosecutors and courts aggressively seek conviction if such a case makes it to trial.

You simply must do everything you can to protect yourself from a conviction on stalking charges. According to FindLaw, Pennsylvania code defines stalking as "Course of conduct or repeated acts without authorization with the intent to place in reasonable fear or cause substantial emotional distress."

A first offense for stalking results in first-degree misdemeanor charges. With attorney assistance, it is possible to overcome first-degree state charges centered on stalking. However, any subsequent arrests on the same complaint alleged by the same person will result in third-degree felony charges. As you may expect, felony convictions mean the defendant will face very severe consequences.

Please consult with a criminal defense lawyer if anyone accuses you of stalking, even if it is your ex-spouse or someone else once close to you. Early action on your part gives your attorney plenty of time to investigate the charges and keep your reputation and your freedom intact.

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