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The importance of depositions when facing state charges

If you're facing state charges, regardless of whether for misdemeanor or felony offenses, then you're likely going up against a prosecutor who wants nothing more than to obtain a conviction. This means that they are going to do everything they can to build their case. They will leave no stone unturned in their effort to find evidence of guilt, which can put you in a difficult position. However, you can take the same steps prosecutors do in order to protect yourself as fully as possible.

Courtroom dramas seen in movies and on television oftentimes portray moments during criminal trials where one attorney takes the other side by surprise, thereby swaying the judge and jury in their favor. This is unrealistic. The reality is that surprises at trial are almost always bad, and the best litigators are fully prepared before stepping into court on the day of trial.

So, how do you prepare to address your criminal charges? One major step is taking depositions. A deposition is the process of taking witness testimony prior to trial as a means of discovering what he or she knows. The witness is questioned by attorneys as if at trial, and the entire exchange is recorded. In addition to serving as an information-gathering tool, it can also lock down a witness's testimony so that there are no surprises at trial. If the witness changes his or her testimony during trial, the deposition's transcript can then be used to refresh that witness's memory or draw his or her credibility into question.

The results of a deposition can be powerful. In some instances, it can lay the framework for reaching a plea deal or obtaining an acquittal. However, for a deposition, or a trial, to be successful, those engaging in the process need to be knowledgeable of the facts and law at hand. This is why many Butler-area residents turn to qualified criminal defense attorneys for assistance.

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