"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
- Stephen M. Misko

Suspect faces multiple DWI offenses

| Nov 27, 2019 | Dui Defense |

Drivers in Butler County and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania should be aware that law enforcement officials are constantly on the road looking for telltale signs of driving under the influence. That could include various acts, such as weaving in and out of lanes, driving too slowly, making frequent and unnecessary stops or having an auto accident. When officers initiate a traffic stop, it is important for drivers to understand that they can be charged with a litany of violations if they are under the influence and commit other illegal acts. Certain circumstances can make the situation worse and lead to harsher penalties.

According to reports, a 27-year-old man who was allegedly driving with a license suspension was arrested for DWI with children in the vehicle. The man was driving his vehicle at around 1:45 p.m. There were vehicle code violations observed by law enforcement officials and the man reportedly attempted to flee from police. After a chase through two Pennsylvania townships, he was stopped. In addition to driving with a suspended license, he was also suspected to have been under the influence of marijuana. There was a 24-year-old female in the vehicle, as well as a 3-year-old child and a 3-month-old infant. This added other charges to the list, including endangering the welfare of children, attempted flight or eluding and DUI.

Whether the arrest is for alcohol or drugs, those facing DUI or DWI offenses must remember that they have several avenues to formulate a defense. First, it is possible that the traffic stop itself was not based on probable cause or there was no reasonable suspicion to make the stop. If the driver’s rights were violated, it could be the basis for a defense. Then, the investigation itself could have been questionable. While a driver might have made the mistake of fleeing, that does not mean the testing procedure or reason for the arrest cannot be questioned. Finally, the entire scope of charges must be analyzed. This is true even if the driver fled or had a suspended license at the time. A strong DUI defense strategy is crucial.