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November 2019 Archives

Suspect faces multiple DWI offenses

Drivers in Butler County and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania should be aware that law enforcement officials are constantly on the road looking for telltale signs of driving under the influence. That could include various acts, such as weaving in and out of lanes, driving too slowly, making frequent and unnecessary stops or having an auto accident. When officers initiate a traffic stop, it is important for drivers to understand that they can be charged with a litany of violations if they are under the influence and commit other illegal acts. Certain circumstances can make the situation worse and lead to harsher penalties.

What is a criminal charge of "organized retail theft"?

Many Pennsylvania residents might associate the word "theft" with someone simply taking something that does not belong to them. That could be an article of clothing, a motor vehicle, electronic equipment and just about anything else. If a person faces allegations of committing theft, there will be charges and penalties that can be serious if the value of the item that was taken reaches a certain level. Another aspect of theft is "organized retail theft." Understanding this specific law and the potential consequences for a conviction is an integral part of an effective criminal defense.

Drug possession charges can put you in a difficult position

Many people in Pennsylvania and across the country have drug addiction problems. Some people may be able to lead relatively normal lives while living with this issue, and others may feel as if their lives are spiraling out of control. No matter what a person's life looks like on the outside, illegal drug use and possession can cause major problems for the future.

Fast food workers face assault charges after fight

In Pennsylvania and across the United States, there are frequently videos on social media making light of physical altercations in fast food restaurants. While many might be amused, it is certainly not funny if people are injured and there are assault charges. A conviction for assault and battery can result in long-term penalties, including jail time and fines. There can be problems after the sentence has been served, as these charges can rise to the felony level and might follow the person in all aspects of life. Oftentimes, these are individuals who are in their late-teens and just starting out in life.

Questions about breathalyzer accuracy could help DUI defense

Drivers in Pennsylvania who are stopped by law enforcement due to suspicion of driving under the influence will undoubtedly understand how the results of a breath test can impact their case. If they register over the legal limit, they will likely be arrested and face DWI offenses. Still, there is a fundamental belief that breath tests are accurate and a driver who surpassed the legal limit will have a difficult time avoiding a conviction. A new report suggests that these tests might not be as accurate as they are portrayed. This opens a door for those who are charged with DWI and who adamantly protest that they are innocent to craft a defense strategy and attempt to avoid the penalties of a conviction.

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