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What acts will lead to state charges for robbery in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania residents might have a basic understanding of the terms "theft" and "robbery," but may be unsure of what acts will result in these allegations and charges. Given the potentially serious penalties a person will face if there is a conviction on state charges for robbery, it is important to understand when these charges will be filed.

There will be a charge of robbery if a person commits a theft and, while the theft is taking place, does the following: causes another person to suffer from a serious bodily injury; makes threats to another or puts another person in fear of there being serious bodily injury; commits or makes a threat that there will be a first or second-degree felony during the robbery; causes injury to another or issues a threat that the person will immediately be in fear of bodily injury; takes or removes property from the person by using force, even if it is slight force; or takes money from a financial institution and does not have the permission to do so by making oral or written demands of an employee.

If the person is committing the act or fleeing after the act, it will be categorized as happening as part of the robbery. Financial institutions refer to banks, savings trust, a credit union and other similar types of institutions. Depending on the circumstances, the charges can range from a first-degree to a second-degree felony. A conviction for a first-degree felony can result in 20 years in prison and a $25,000 fine. A second-degree felony can result in 10 years in prison and a $25,000 fine.

Being charged with robbery will result in significant concerns as to what the future holds. While these are serious allegations and carry harsh penalties if there is a conviction, it is still critical to consider all the options to deal with the charges. There could be a potential plea agreement to reduce the charges and accompanying penalties. The case and its outcome will likely hinge on the strength of the defense strategy to the state charges for robbery.

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