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October 2019 Archives

Three people placed under arrest for drug charges

Drugs and the negative impact they have on people and society is a growing problem in Butler, throughout Pennsylvania and across the nation. Law enforcement officials make frequent arrests for drug offenses. Oftentimes, this is linked to manufacturing, distribution and trafficking. In many cases, however, people who are addicted to drugs are arrested as well. In some cases, there could be the potential to avoid the harshest legal consequences and provide treatment with a drug diversion program in lieu of punishment. Regardless of the circumstances in a case, those charged should be fully aware of their rights.

Man arrested on DWI charges after fleeing and crashing in Butler

For people in Butler and throughout Pennsylvania, having a driver's license and a clean record is an important part of their daily lives. When they are confronted with the prospect of losing their driving privileges and even being arrested and jailed, it is critical to understand how to avoid these potential consequences that often accompany charges for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. The penalties can be made worse if the situation involves fleeing law enforcement and a crash.

What are the laws and penalties for kidnapping?

Any arrest in Pennsylvania will inevitably cause problems regardless of the allegations. For some charges, however, those allegations can have severe long-term consequences in a legal sense, along with a stigma for the person even after the case is over. A prime example is if the arrest is for kidnapping. It is important to know the law for kidnapping and how significant the penalties can be so that a strong defense can be formulated.

Police use checkpoints to find drivers committing DWI offenses

There are many ways in which drivers in Pennsylvania can be stopped for an investigation to determine if driving under the influence is taking place. Oftentimes, law enforcement officials are on patrol and see a driver behaving suspiciously or exhibiting possible hallmarks of DUI or DWI. In other instances, law enforcement officials will set up a checkpoint to randomly stop vehicles and check to see if drivers might be intoxicated. While this can lead to an arrest, a conviction and the potential consequences, drivers should consider their alternatives for a defense when they are arrested in this way.

What acts will lead to state charges for robbery in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania residents might have a basic understanding of the terms "theft" and "robbery," but may be unsure of what acts will result in these allegations and charges. Given the potentially serious penalties a person will face if there is a conviction on state charges for robbery, it is important to understand when these charges will be filed.

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