"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
- Stephen M. Misko

Men face drug charges after crack and heroin are found

| Jun 20, 2019 | Drug Charges |

In Pennsylvania and throughout the United States, the drug problem is getting worse. People are increasingly becoming addicted to various narcotics, causing them long-term damage and death. Law enforcement seeks to find drug dealers and those involved in high-level drug trafficking to arrest and incarcerate them. There are serious consequences for a drug conviction. While there is a stigma for those who are arrested on drug offenses, simply being charged does not automatically mean they are guilty. No matter the situation and the evidence, having legal representation is crucial to lodge a defense.

Three men were arrested on drug charges after a task force searched the residence they were in. When officers entered the residence, one of the men tried to flee through a back door but was caught. Among the items found were 46 bags of a powder that was believed to be heroin, crack cocaine, drug paraphernalia and more than $2,000 in cash.

Drug investigations, arrests and the subsequent criminal trial will hinge on the evidence found. If substantial quantities of drugs and paraphernalia are found, those in the location will inevitably be confronted with hefty charges. Regardless, an arrest does not mean that the suspects are guilty, even if they have past involvement in drugs. There could be ways to call the evidence into question or a plea bargain might be available. Before saying or doing anything to make the situation worse, having legal assistance is critical.

If you are facing drug charges, finding viable solutions to the problem can be complicated, but a lawyer with experience defending people facing drug charges can help.