"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
- Stephen M. Misko

Choosing your defense to confront your DUI

| Jun 8, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Pennsylvania law does not look kindly on drunk driving offenders. People arrested for DUI in the state can face penalties that include time behind bars, fines and more. Whether it is your first offense or you have previous convictions on your record, you will find it greatly beneficial to start figuring out how you can defend yourself against these charges.

A DUI is a complex criminal offense because it can affect many areas of your life. It can compromise your right to drive, your finances and your future opportunities. It’s critical to present a strong defense, but where should you start? You may find it beneficial to learn more about the various defense options and which one is most appropriate for your case.

Challenging the case against you

Many people do not understand that it is possible to fight DUI charges. If there are problems with the case against you, you can challenge these issues and present evidence for your defense. A guilty plea or a conviction is not your only option. Some of the ways you can fight back include the following: 

  • The police acted inappropriately toward you or there were issues during the administration of sobriety tests.
  • The Breathalyzer results were not accurate because the devices did not receive proper maintenance or police did not use it correctly.
  • There was a problem with the way law enforcement or others handled your blood or urine sample, leading to skewed results.
  • There was no valid reason for the initial traffic stop or you experienced a violation of your personal rights during the traffic stop. 

When there is a problem in the prosecution’s case, you have the right to point these things out to the court. It is possible that errors and mistakes could lead to a reduction of the charges against you or a dismissal of the charges. This is not possible in every DUI case, but it is worth examining your case and figuring out the right strategy for your situation.

Your defense starts now

You do not have to delay in preparing a strong defense. You can begin the process of building a defense plan as soon as possible after an arrest. It can help to start with a complete evaluation of your case, which you can get by seeking the guidance of an experienced defense attorney. Your future is on the line, but you do not have to fight for it alone.