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May 2019 Archives

What if I face drug charges for delivery leading to death?

In Pennsylvania and across the U.S., the drug problem has grown to seemingly epic proportions with heroin, methamphetamine and Fentanyl causing many people to overdose and die. This can happen with other drugs as well. People accused of providing drugs to these individuals can face serious charges in any case, but they are made worse if the person who received the drugs dies from their use.

Man faces DWI offenses and other charges after crash into people

For drivers in Butler County and across Pennsylvania, being charged with driving while intoxicated can result in severe penalties, lost driving privileges and jail time. Along with DWI offenses, there can be other charges if there was an accident and people were injured or even killed. Although DWI is an irresponsible act, those who are arrested for DWI have the right to a legal defense to avoid the worse potential consequences. A strong defense is imperative to assess the situation and attempt to achieve a satisfactory result. This is especially true when people are hit and injured by a driver who is accused of having been operating a vehicle under the influence.

Assistance navigating drug offenses

Drugs are a major concern in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States. That means law enforcement and prosecutors are becoming increasingly aggressive in pursuing and arresting those who are allegedly involved with drugs. This does not necessarily need to be a person who is trafficking, distributing or manufacturing the substances. Frequently, it is the people on the lower end of the spectrum who find themselves facing drug offenses. Regardless of a person's situation, it is wise to remember that they have rights. A law firm that has a history of assisting those who are charged with drug crimes should be called for guidance immediately.

Man faces severe penalties after DUI

Being arrested and convicted for driving under the influence in Pennsylvania will cause significant problems in a person's life. Among the potential consequences are a driver's license suspension, fines and even jail. It is always important to have a strong defense against these charges. With any DUI case, there is a significant chance that there will be other allegations accompanying it. If, for example, the driver attempted to elude law enforcement, there will be harsher penalties. When confronted with a combination of charges related to a DUI, formulating a legal defense becomes even more vital.

What are the penalties for drug trafficking to minors?

Pennsylvania law enforcement and prosecutors are serious about protecting children from the dangers of drugs. The state has certain sentencing guidelines and penalties for those who are convicted of drug trafficking to minors. Because drugs are viewed as such a severe issue, those dealing with allegations of trafficking to minors should know just how severe the penalties can be.

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