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April 2019 Archives

Couple faces federal charges for embezzlement and fraud

While people often associate criminal acts of theft with the use of weapons when conducting a robbery, fraud and embezzlement are white-collar crimes that are also classified as theft. People in a position of authority frequently find themselves accused of these crimes and sometimes the charges rise to the level of a federal crime. When facing these types of charges, it is crucial to have legal assistance.

Woman arrested on slew of DWI charges after slow-speed chase

Being arrested for drunk driving in Butler County and throughout Pennsylvania can have long-term ramifications on a person's life. With the possible jail sentence, fines, lost driving privileges and more, it is imperative that there be a strong defense against the allegations immediately. This is true regardless of the circumstances, whether there was an accident, or if there are multiple DWI charges lodged against the individual. No matter what, it is essential to have legal assistance.

What is the Pennsylvania law for online child pornography?

The mere mention of the words "online child pornography" when it is related to state charges in Pennsylvania or federal charges has the potential to stigmatize a person regardless of their guilt or innocence. However, no matter the situation, it is important for a person who is accused of exploiting children or being involved in child pornography to be aware of the need for a strong legal defense.

Man faces drug offenses after alleged sales near school

When there is an arrest for drug offenses in Butler County and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania, the circumstances will determine how severe the charges are. For example, possessing a certain drug and the amount will raise the potential penalties. Also important is where the drugs were being sold. If it is near a school or on the grounds, the charges can be more substantial. For people arrested on drug offenses, it is crucial to have legal advice from the beginning to begin planning for a defense.

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