"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
- Stephen M. Misko

Timely, knowledgeable response to criminal charges vital

| Feb 28, 2019 | Federal Charges |

The criminal law realm is not unusual in the legal universe for being broad-based and complex. Many other areas of the law – from personal injury and estate planning to bankruptcy and insurance defense – are also nuanced and entail multiple considerations.

It can certainly be argued, though, that the criminal law sphere is unrivaled in one important way, namely this: its penalties, and the sheer degree to which their application against an individual can turn that person’s life upside down.

Proven criminal defense attorneys keep that potentiality closely in mind when they are called upon to help a client at a critically important moment in life. And when they are called to do so, experience counts.

In fact, it can spell the difference in a case outcome, especially in a federal case. We stress that on our website at the established Pennsylvania criminal defense firm of PennLaw LLC (with two offices for clients’ convenience in Butler and Pittsburgh, respectively). We state therein that the federal charging realm “often involves extra layers of complexity not always present in state cases.”

When compared with state-level investigations, federal probes focused on alleged criminal activity are often far more extensive. Federal prosecutors and law enforcers routinely command impressive resources (money, manpower, technological tools and more) that can seem almost limitless. A targeted suspect can become overwhelmed by sheer power.

Seasoned defense advocates know that well, with firms having a demonstrated record of advocacy often being able to employ highly specialized knowledge and experience on behalf of clients. We note on our website that our attorneys collectively bring many decades of on-point acumen to our representation that is grounded in their past immersion in myriad criminal justice positions.

We welcome clients’ interest in our law firm and their scrutiny of our backgrounds and absolute commitment to securing optimal results in their legal matters. We hope that readers find our future blog posts both informative and personally relevant.