"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
- Stephen M. Misko

Drug trafficking charges filed against man in Pennsylvania

| Sep 3, 2016 | Federal Drug Charges |

Pennsylvania police say they had reason to believe that drug-related crimes were occurring at a particular residence. They searched the premises and have since filed drug trafficking charges against a man. He is accused of dealing heroin in York.

Authorities say they made several controlled drug purchases from the man’s residence. A canine officer, along with state troopers, went to the home to conduct a search. Police say a man and a woman were inside the house at the time.

At some point, the man was taken outside the house and patted down by officers. They claim to have found over $900 cash in the man’s pocket. Supposedly, serial numbers on more than $100 of the cash matched bills used in the earlier controlled drug purchases authorities had staged.

The woman allegedly told police that the man sometimes resided at the house to sell heroin he purchased from various cities, including Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and York. She also reportedly told authorities she helped the man sell heroin and was the one who had given him the money in his pocket. Officers claim they found more than 170 stamp bags of heroin in the house, amounting to a street value of at least $4,000. They also say there were a number of items in the home that are typically used in drug trafficking activities, such as measuring scales, syringes and packaging materials. In Pennsylvania and all other states, anyone charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless proved otherwise in court; therefore, it is almost always advantageous to seek immediate guidance in such situations to begin the process of building a strong defense.

Source: thecourierexpress.com, “York man arrested during DuBois heroin bust”, Katie Weidenboerner, Aug. 24, 2016