"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
- Stephen M. Misko

Investigators accuse Pennsylvania men of internet sex crime

| Aug 23, 2016 | Internet Crimes |

Law enforcement agents in Pennsylvania say they remain strong in their efforts to deter sexual crimes against minors. A recent incident occurred that resulted in two men being charged with an internet sex crime. One of them is a 29-year-old, the other 10 years older.

State Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, recently stated that official investigations often suggest many child predators use online communications as their main source of connection to attract their victims. She further noted that this knowledge has prompted investigators to closely monitor various internet sites that may be susceptible to such behaviors. Such seems to have been the case regarding the two men who were recently arrested.

In both situations, it has been alleged that the men attempted to arrange sexual encounters with persons they believed to be 13-year-old girls. In fact, in each online correspondence, the person with whom they were communicating was actually an undercover investigator from the Child Predator Section of the State Attorney General. The arrests were made in two different counties on a recent Friday.

There have been more than 500 reported arrests associated with internet sex crime since Kane took office as Pennsylvania Attorney General in 2013. Anyone accused of such crimes is entitled to retain experienced criminal defense assistance before appearing in court. In such situations, aggressive defense is often crucial toward obtaining a positive outcome. There may be various options available to build a strong defense, depending on individual circumstances. One of the first things a criminal lawyer can do to assist a client is investigate the details of an investigation and arrest to determine whether any personal rights were violated in the process.

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