"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
- Stephen M. Misko

Pennsylvania attorney general charges 24 for drug trafficking

| Jul 6, 2016 | Federal Drug Charges |

A massive drug bust occurred in Pennsylvania that has resulted in 24 people facing serious drug-related charges. Individuals in the group have been accused of possessing and distributing various drugs throughout the Blair County area. An investigation remained ongoing for one year and was recently concluded when the state attorney general filed formal drug trafficking charges against them.

Some of the drugs listed among those said to have been sold in the county are heroin, cocaine and prescription narcotics. Several narcotics agencies and police departments combined manpower and efforts in the 12-month investigation. Reportedly, agents used surveillance equipment and made controlled undercover purchases of drugs during the investigation.

Undercover officers apparently worked with confidential informants to make drug purchases in the Altoona area. In addition to those already charged, more arrests are expected to be made in connection with the case. Those arrested thus far range in age from 21 to 46.

Being accused of drug trafficking in Pennsylvania does not constitute one’s guilt. A defendant has every right to present as strong a defense as possible against such charges in court. Acting alongside experienced criminal defense guidance is advisable in such situations, as an attorney would be aware of all options that might be available to aggressively combat any strategies and tactics employed by the prosecution. Even before a trial takes place, an attorney sometimes deems it appropriate to challenge a portion or all of a state’s evidence against a client, especially if law enforcement officers did not follow protocol when conducting searches or seizures in the course of an investigation.

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