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July 2016 Archives

Drug conspiracy and weapons charges filed in Pennsylvania

Several people were recently arrested following two apparent drug busts in Pennsylvania. Charges include drug conspiracy and weapons violations. Penalties for convictions for such crimes are often quite severe, and to increase one's chances of avoiding incarceration, or at least minimizing the negative impact of the situation, it is advisable to act alongside experienced defense counsel when facing such charges in court. 

Pennsylvania prison nurse accused of drug trafficking

A woman in Pennsylvania is currently facing several serious criminal charges. She is accused of drug trafficking after being arrested on her way to work. Authorities claim she was attempting to smuggle large quantities of heroin into the prison facility where she was employed at the time.

Restaurant owners on probation after pleading guilty to tax fraud

Two brothers recently pleaded guilty to taking part in illegal financial activities from 2010 through part of 2015. The two men apparently own a restaurant together outside of Pennsylvania, and the tax fraud to which they pleaded guilty involved taxable receipts at their establishment. They reportedly failed to disclose the proper amount of taxable receipts on tax forms, which resulted in lower tax charges.

Defendant plans to appeal child solicitation decision

A man was recently convicted of committing illicit acts against six girls. The situation unfolded after several incidents took place, and parents of several of the girls recently spoke in court. The man who was convicted of child solicitation and other heinous acts in Pennsylvania apparently has plans to file an appeal regarding the court's decision, according to his newly appointed attorney.

Pennsylvania man will do time behind bars for internet sex crime

A man in Pennsylvania was sentenced to prison after incidents that apparently began online.  It seems he used personal devices to commit an internet sex crime when he communicated with someone he thought was a 39-year-old mother of two young girls. He will now serve anywhere from two and a half to five years in prison for his participation in the events that unfolded.

Preserving a reputation in light of impending fraud charges

No Pennsylvania resident or business owner wants to be publicly known as someone who has been accused of a crime. It is natural to want to preserve one's reputation and good standing within a community. Adverse effects associated with fraud charges are often immediate and long-lasting; many times, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help someone minimize the potential negative impact of a situation.

Robberies of illegal drugs could lead to unexpected consequences

When people in Pennsylvania are accused of robbery, they typically believe that the worst-case scenario is that they could be convicted of crimes specific to theft. However, there are certain factors of which those who are charged with this type of crime need to be aware. A recent decision by the Supreme Court of the United States mandates that additional charges could be made against those who allegedly rob those who deal in illegal drugs.

Former officers arrest Pennsylvania man for child pornography

Federal and state agents combined investigative efforts and searched the home of a Pennsylvania man. He has since been accused in federal court of producing child pornography. Authorities say they found thousands of illicit images stored on various electronic devices in the man's home. Whether agents acted with appropriate authority when they conducted the search and seizure is something a defense attorney would want to investigate. If anything seems awry, the proffered evidence may be challenged in court.

Pennsylvania attorney general charges 24 for drug trafficking

A massive drug bust occurred in Pennsylvania that has resulted in 24 people facing serious drug-related charges. Individuals in the group have been accused of possessing and distributing various drugs throughout the Blair County area. An investigation remained ongoing for one year and was recently concluded when the state attorney general filed formal drug trafficking charges against them.

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