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June 2016 Archives

Pennsylvania representative guilty of money laundering

When a person in Pennsylvania is accused of illicit financial activities, the penalties for conviction may be quite severe. Especially in situations where the accused is a high profile government official, one's personal and professional reputation may be at stake. Often, such situations include allegations of money laundering and may have long-lasting negative impact on the family of a defendant.

Child pornography charges filed against man in Pennsylvania

One man in Pennsylvania is currently facing child pornography charges and other related offenses (30 counts). The child pornography charges come after a criminal investigation by a county task force that focuses on internet crimes against minors. The arrest took place on a recent Tuesday.

Former Pennsylvania CEO accused of fraud accepts plea deal

When a person is accused of a crime, he or she must make several important decisions about the case. Perhaps most importantly, a decision whether to fight the charges in court or accept plea deal, if one is made available. Federal prosecutors have recently announced that one man in Pennsylvania, the former CEO of a credit union, has recently accepted a plea deal in a case involving fraud.

Approximately 30 arrested for drug trafficking in Pennsylvania

Drugs are a big money-making business in many Pennsylvania areas. The trouble is, in some situations, the types of drugs and the ways they are sold and/or used are illegal. Those suspected of drug-related crimes often have long legal battles ahead. A recent police bust netted around 30 arrests, and authorities say they are seeking 10 others in connection with the alleged drug trafficking incidents.

Pennsylvania computer users sometimes accused of internet crime

Many Pennsylvania households are equipped with personal computers or other technologically advanced gadgets that include access to the internet. In fact, some families have several types of equipment that are used by various members of the household on a daily basis. Things can, therefore, become rather complicated very quickly when authorities claim that a private computer was used to commit internet crime.

Fraud charges should not be taken lightly

Facing charges of fraud can be extremely frightening. This is especially true if you have never faced more than a traffic ticket in your entire life. A simple misunderstanding or wrongly filed paperwork can quickly turn into accusations of fraud. While you may wholeheartedly know that something was a misunderstanding, it does not necessarily mean that a prosecutor will believe you.

Men in Pennsylvania charged with internet sex crime after sting

Law enforcement agents often pose with pseudo identities online when attempting to draw out persons who may be involved in illegal activities. Often, these types of stings involve drugs or a possible internet sex crime. A recent incident occurred that resulted in four arrests of men in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania hospital room alleged hub for drug trafficking

Overdoses involving heroin and opioids seem to be on the rise in Pennsylvania. Statistics for the past two years suggest a 20 percent overall increase in heroin overdoses in the state. One man has been accused of selling this drug from a location one would not immediately associate with drug trafficking.

Man accused of child pornography in Pennsylvania avoids jail

To some extent, what one does with one's own computer in the privacy of one's own home is simply that -- private. However, it depends on whether any laws or internet regulations are being violated. One Pennsylvania man recently avoided going to jail after being accused of having child pornography on his personal computer.

Pennsylvania woman accused of fraud set to enter plea

Many situations can arise that have immediate and long-lasting adverse effects on a person's private and/or business reputation. Being accused of a crime at the state or federal level in Pennsylvania is high on the list. Merely being suspected of fraud is enough to damage a person's good standing in a community. However, allegations do not constitute guilt, and every person has the right to fight against such charges in court.

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