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May 2016 Archives

Man enters guilty plea for fraud in Pennsylvania

There are any number of reasons that a person might enter a guilty plea when facing criminal charges in Pennsylvania. Typically, one is advised to discuss a situation with a criminal lawyer before making such important decisions. Bedford County authorities say one man recently pleaded guilty to fraud and theft.

Federal charges do not necessarily mean a conviction will follow

Anyone accused of a crime in Pennsylvania will want to educate him- or herself as to how best to protect personal rights and minimize the negative effects such situations can have on one's future. Often, this can be done through experienced legal counsel, especially when facing federal charges, which tend to be prosecuted in a very aggressive manner. A married couple in another state is now facing such charges regarding suspected bankruptcy fraud.

Preserving a reputation in light internet crime charges

In Pennsylvania and beyond, illegal activities carried out on the internet pose a great concern to many. Those accused of internet crime charges may worry about their personal and professional reputations being destroyed. The good news is that it is often possible to minimize the negative repercussions of such incidents through the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Federal drug charges do not always involve street dealers

The idea of illicit drug activity often conjures images of backstreet alleys and suspicious looking dealers in substandard living sections of a town. This is not always the case, however, as evidenced by recent federal drug charges brought against several medical professionals in Pennsylvania. The three doctors were said to have been offering substance abuse and recovery assistance to families in their community.

Judge defers sentencing in Pennsylvania internet sex crime case

In certain situations, a judge may rule that sentencing against a defendant is to be delayed in order for authorities to conduct a background investigation of the accused. During this type of legal process, a defendant may greatly rely on the guidance of a criminal attorney to determine how best to proceed under such circumstances. When the subject at hand includes a conviction for an internet sex crime in Pennsylvania, the stakes are often high. Understandably, any defendant facing a similar situation will want to make certain that all available options for a strong defense are explored.

Man in hotel outside Pennsylvania accused of financial crimes

One does not typically envision a hotel room as the headquarters of a crime schemes. However, it appears that some financial crimes may have taken place in 2014 at a hotel outside Pennsylvania. Such situations would obviously be uncomfortable for a hotel guest, and the key to a positive outcome may rely on input from an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Federal drug case leads to 22 arrests in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania or elsewhere, being accused of a serious crime can turn one's life upside down in an instant. There is no easy way to face drug charges in court. The stakes are high in every federal drug case, and the government typically prosecutes such charges in a very aggressive manner. However, a person facing charges is presumed innocent, unless proved otherwise before a judge or jury; to that end, it is most often beneficial to retain experienced legal guidance to increase one's chances of obtaining a positive outcome.

Towing company accused of fraud in Pennsylvania denies allegation

Anyone accused of fraud in Pennsylvania or elsewhere in the United States has every right to fight against the formal charges in court. Being charged with a crime does not necessarily mean that one will be convicted. In situations that involve fraud, merely being accused of wrongdoing is often enough to damage a person's private and business reputation.

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