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"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
- Stephen M. Misko

2 Pennsylvania inmates facing new federal charges

| Apr 9, 2016 | Federal Felonies |

Two Pennsylvania men, already imprisoned in a federal facility, are now facing new federal charges after an incident that took place within the prison. As a result, they will now go through the judicial process for those new charges. The end result could be additional time added on to their current sentences.

The two men, ages 25 and 39, allegedly assaulted another prisoner. The weapon is reported to be a sharpened piece of metal, which is commonly referred to as a “shank.” Both men are facing charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, as well as aiding and abetting. One of the men was previously indicted for a different alleged assault.

The incident was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations, in conjunction with the Special Investigations Service of the Bureau of Prisons. Should the men be convicted, the maximum sentence they would face is 20 years, as well as an additional period of supervision and a fine. There is no report on the length of the sentences that the men are already serving, or of the nature of the charges that resulted in their incarceration in the federal facility.

As these two Pennsylvania men prepare their responses to these serious charges, the punitive repercussions are likely a chief concern. Adding time to one’s prison sentence is an outcome that no prisoner desires. In this case, as in all others, the counsel for the accused will make a thorough review of all evidence held by the prosecution, and will structure the legal response accordingly.

Source: northcentralpa.com, “Two inmates at Lewisburg Federal Prison charged with assault”, Andrea Campbell, March 29, 2016