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April 2016 Archives

Pennsylvania law strict when it comes to federal drug charges

When the federal government prosecutes a case involving suspected illegal drug activity, it typically does so in a most aggressive way. Anyone facing federal drug charges in Pennsylvania stands to face a potentially long prison term, if convicted. This is one of many reasons that a person who has been arrested for such crimes is advised to request a meeting with a criminal lawyer to gain assistance in building as strong a defense as possible.

Man accused of fraud in education of veterans

Many Americans serve their country in the armed forces, with the understanding that they will receive funding to put toward an education once they complete their term of service. There are a number of educational programs that are marketed to veterans, many of which provide a solid education at a reduced cost. Currently, a Pennsylvania man is facing federal fraud charges after authorities claim that he sold improperly branded academic services to former military members.

Ex-consultant pleads guilty to tax evasion and extortion

A 40-year-old Pennsylvania man could be facing up to 10 years of incarceration when he is sentenced in July. He is one of four people who pleaded guilty to charges that followed a year of federal investigations into a scheme of alleged extortion, income tax evasion, conspiracy and more. This man was once a political consultant to elected officials in Reading and Allentown, including Allentown's mayor.

Insurance agent faces possible prison time on white collar crimes

According to Pennsylvania authorities, an insurance broker could spend decades behind bars if convicted on fraud charges. So-called white collar crimes -- such as fraud, tax evasion and embezzlement -- tend to have fairly severe consequences, in part, because of the significant amount of money that is typically involved. In this instance, millions of dollars in insurance policies was allegedly at the heart of the operation.

Sizable drug bust leads to federal drug charges for 14

Heroin use has become a serious concern in Pennsylvania as well as in many other areas across the nation. Law enforcement agencies, the courts and social services workers all take a very aggressive stance against drug sales and use, and for good reason. This effort to slow the flood of drugs into Pennsylvania streets is laudable, but it should also be noted that when law enforcement makes sweeping efforts to find and arrest drug-related suspect, mistakes can easily be made, and not all of the federal drug charges will lead to conviction.

Man facing new federal charges related to woman's death

A man who is already accused of multiple federal crimes is now facing new charges in the death of a woman who was acting as a witness against him. The 35-year old is at risk of serious repercussions if he is found guilty on any of these charges. If convicted on all counts, he could end up spending the remainder of his life in federal prison. There is no word on how he will respond to the new charges as his attorneys have not yet made any comment on the matter.

2 Pennsylvania inmates facing new federal charges

Two Pennsylvania men, already imprisoned in a federal facility, are now facing new federal charges after an incident that took place within the prison. As a result, they will now go through the judicial process for those new charges. The end result could be additional time added on to their current sentences.

Pennsylvania man arrested on federal fraud charges

A Bethlehem man has been placed under arrest after a lengthy company investigation into an alleged corporate fraud scheme. The matter stems from allegations that several men acted to defraud the companies for which they worked. Specifically, three individuals are accused of facilitating fraudulent transactions between a pharmaceutical company and a Radnor company specializing in inventory management. Now, each man will have to decide how to proceed in regard to charges of mail fraud.

Pennsylvania man facing federal child pornography charges

A Pennsylvania man is facing a serious set of circumstances after being arrested and charged with serious crimes against children. The case has made headlines across the region, with many people calling for the head of a man accused of both owning and producing child pornography. The matter has not yet reached a court of law, but that fact has not stopped many from making their own judgments in the case.

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