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November 2015 Archives

Business owner charged with fraud, conspiracy

Many Pennsylvania readers are familiar with tobacco stores, the retail outlets where customers can buy everything from cigarettes and cigars to all types of smoking paraphernalia. The owner of a Tannersville tobacco shop is now facing serious federal charges after authorities say he acted with others to facilitate the purchase of products by using stolen credit cards. The fraud and conspiracy charges could have serious negative ramifications for the man, up to and including the loss of his business and livelihood.

Tax evasion charges for Minuteman Environmental president

The 45-year-old president of Minuteman Environmental Inc. has been in the news of late over a lawsuit he and his wife have filed against Attorney General Kathleen Kane, claiming that the AG made improper use of search warrants in an effort to seize their assets. The same Pennsylvania man is now facing charges of tax evasion, and officials claim that he intentionally understated the amount of income tax that he and his wife owed for the tax year 2012. He has signed a plea agreement in that case, but still faces charges at the state level and the risk of additional federal charges.

Federal civil rights suit follows mishandled drug trafficking cas

When Pennsylvania readers hear news of a drug crimes case, it is virtually always from the perspective of law enforcement. In most cases, the side of the accused party does not come out in media reports, which are largely based on arrest records and brief public statements. This can lead to a very one-sided view of drug crime, and the impression that every individual charged with drug trafficking or possession at the state or federal level is guilty of those crimes. A recent news story shows just how flawed those assumptions can be.

Pennsylvania photographer facing child pornography charges

Crimes that are committed against children are among the most atrocious acts that come before our nation's courts. Virtually everyone can agree that protecting kids from harm, exploitation and abuse is of paramount concern, and that individuals who engage in actions that hurt children should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. That said, there are cases in Philadelphia in which a person is accused of a crime that he or she did not commit. When those allegations include child pornography, a great deal of damage can be done to an individual's reputation and standing within the community.

New federal charges filed against Kathleen Kane

Many readers are familiar with the legal challenges facing Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane. She is already facing federal charges of obstruction, perjury and additional crimes in connection with the disclosure of information deemed confidential. In a new case filed this week, several former employees claim that Kane intentionally abused the powers of her office. These new allegations could serve to further complicate her recent legal challenges.

Multiple felony charges for Pennsylvania man

A Pennsylvania man who is already awaiting trial on multiple federal offenses is now accused of additional crimes. The new federal charges carry a potential sentence of up to 20 years in prison. As it stands, the punitive repercussions for a conviction on the multiple felony charges are severe and would have an enormous impact on the rest of the man's life. Avoiding that outcome is likely his top priority as the case against him moves forward.

Investigation leads to federal drug charges

A Pennsylvania man has been indicted following a joint investigation by local and federal authorities. As of the time of this report, it is unclear whether he has retained legal counsel in the matter. He has every incentive to present a strong response to these federal drug charges, as the repercussions for a conviction are severe.

Airline passenger could face federal crime charges

Most Pennsylvania residents do not spend a large amount of time on airplanes and only travel a couple of times a year for business or vacation purposes. As such, few people are aware that the actions that an airline passenger might take while inflight could lead to federal criminal charges. Because of the focus in recent years on maintaining a safe inflight environment, individuals who act out on an airplane can suffer far greater consequences than those actions might merit while on the ground.

Charter bus executive charged with federal fraud

Some Pennsylvania readers will be familiar with King Coal Tours, a charter bus company that offers transportation services to a number of locations throughout the state. The president of that company was recently charged with fraud. That accusation has a number of serious ramifications, and the man charged has had to make a series of difficult decisions regarding how to proceed in the matter. In a recent report, it appears that a choice has been made to accept a plea agreement.

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