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October 2015 Archives

Ambulance driver pleads guilty to health care fraud

When an individual is accused of a federal crime, a series of events is set into motion. The defense team works to comb through all of the evidence held by the prosecution, and predictions are made involving the likely outcome of a trial. When the evidence firmly supports a conviction, the individual must choose whether to pursue the matter in court or work toward a plea deal. That can be a difficult choice to make, but it can be one that can make a world of difference in the eventual outcome for the accused. An example is found in a recent plea agreement accepted by a Pennsylvania ambulance driver accused of fraud.

Former officer avoids federal felony charges

Pennsylvania readers may recall media coverage of an alleged act of police brutality. The incident took place some time ago, in 2003, and resulted in federal felony charges. At that time, the officer was following a vehicle that contained three young people. When that vehicle pulled into driveway, the officer drive on, until he noticed that an occupant of the vehicle seemed to be waving for his attention.

"Dance Moms" star accused of bankruptcy fraud

Certain readers will be familiar with the hit reality television show "Dance Moms." The show featured a dance studio located in western Pennsylvania, and followed the dramatic interaction between the owner of the studio and many of the parents who brought their children there for dance instruction. The 50-year-old woman who owns and runs that studio has been accused of bankruptcy fraud.

New charges for Pennsylvania Attorney General Kane

Many readers are aware that Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has been charged with multiple federal offenses based on a 2009 incident in which information was leaked to a newspaper. Those charges include perjury and conspiracy. Kane has maintained her innocence in the matter, and she continues to do so after new charges were recently added. Those new accusations include another count of perjury at the felony level, as well as two misdemeanor charges of obstruction and false swearing.

Pennsylvania QVC manager accused of workplace fraud

Many readers are familiar with the home shopping network QVC. The company is based in Pennsylvania, and much of the on-air programming is filmed within the state. An employee for the company who works as a manager within the lighting department was recently arrested, and now stands charged with multiple counts of fraud.

Federal drug charges may be filed against Pittsburgh postmaster

A Pittsburgh postmaster may end up facing federal charges after authorities allege that he opened packages containing drugs and money and threatened employees who witnessed those actions. The possibility of federal drug charges come on the heels of an investigation by the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General. Current reports are unclear about what purportedly happened to the substances that were allegedly removed from the packages.

Gun dealer fighting federal charges

A Pennsylvania gun dealer accused of illegal sales of firearms and other serious federal crimes is fighting those allegations. In doing so, he and his legal team hope to avoid the punitive measures that would accompany a conviction on those charges. In a recent filing, the man took issue with evidence used within the case and with statements made by the prosecution.

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