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August 2015 Archives

Hackers facing federal securities fraud charges

Nine individuals are facing serious federal charges in Pennsylvania and neighboring states following an investigation into a widespread hacking operation. The case is related to a civil lawsuit filed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, in which 15 corporate entities and 17 individuals are accused of stealing inside information used to secure nearly $100 million in profits. The securities fraud case has led to increased awareness of the lack of security among many of the world's top corporations.

Drug trafficking, illegal reentry charges filed in Pennsylvania

A 35-year-old illegal alien is facing serious federal charges after an arrest for suspected drug activities. The man was previously deported from the country, but is believed to have been residing in Hazelton, Pennsylvania prior to the recent arrest. He is charged with drug trafficking and illegal reentry, and faces up to 60 years in prison if he is convicted on both of those charges.  

Guilty plea entered in white collar crimes charges

Many readers may be familiar with the federal criminal case against the city council president in Reading, Pennsylvania. The 39-year-old public servant was accused of multiple white collar crimes as part of an ongoing FBI investigation into alleged wrongdoings at the level of city governance. A guilty plea was recently entered in the case, which is the first of multiple cases expected to result from the investigation.

Horse trainer facing federal wire fraud charges

A prominent Pennsylvania horse trainer has been accused of serious criminal acts in connection to the animals she sent to a 2013 race. The 49-year-old trainer faces federal charges, including conspiracy and wire fraud, based on allegations that she acted to improperly influence the outcome of a race held at Penn National Race Course. The investigation leading to those charges is the result of the combined efforts of the FBI and Pennsylvania's Horse Racing Commission.  

Man accepts plea deal in federal firearms charges

When an individual is accused of a serious crime, the early stages of the defense process involve gathering all of the facts and evidence within the case. Defense attorneys make a thorough assessment of the evidence held by the prosecution, and make a determination about the likelihood of conviction should the case move forward. In certain cases, a high risk of a conviction makes a plea agreement an attractive option. An example is found in a recent case in which a Pennsylvania man was charged with federal firearms offenses.

Man makes unusual response to federal felony charges

A noteworthy case is currently underway in the federal court system in Pennsylvania. A man facing federal felony charges has issued a response that has shocked many, including some within law enforcement. As the case moves on, many within the state will follow to see how the man's legal team will structure his criminal defense in the matter.

Pennsylvania man accused of serious sex trafficking crimes

Pennsylvania law enforcement agencies are taking a serious stance against the illegal trafficking of individuals for the purposes of sexual commerce. This is an issue that deserves a great deal of attention, and it should be approached with a very strong response within the courts. That said, there are cases in which an individual is accused of these types of crimes but is eventually found to be innocent. Still other cases fail to even make it before a court of law, and the charges are dropped.

Former medical worker accused of fraud in cancer testing

A number of very serious and distressing allegations have been made against a former hospital tech who worked at Hershey Medical Center. The man, 60 years of age, is facing federal charges for health care fraud after authorities assert that he knowingly conducted flawed testing on cancer patients. The matter has received a great deal of media attention throughout the state of Pennsylvania, and many people are concerned about the validity of their own medical testing in the wake of the scandal.

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