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July 2015 Archives

Federal drug charges follow heroin deaths

Earlier in 2015, three individuals died of drug overdoses in western Pennsylvania. Investigators have tracked those deaths and have charged five people with federal drug charges related to the matter. As the cases move forward, the five men are in danger of serious punitive repercussions if a conviction is achieved.

Pennsylvania lawyer accused of white collar crimes

A 64-year-old attorney from Doylestown, Pennsylvania, is facing federal charges based on allegations of insider trading. The attorney was a partner in a law firm that handled business law for various clients, including corporations. According to the white collar crimes charges levied against him, the attorney is believed to have used information gleaned while in that position to make various financial choices.

Pennsylvania restaurant owners accused of fraud

A case currently filed in federal court alleges that multiple restaurant owners and managers have engaged in using illegal immigrants as workers at several locations in the State College, Pennsylvania, area. The case includes allegations of fraud against both the state and nation based on false reports of employment data. The age range of those accused stretches from 27 to 51 years of age.

Pennsylvania Attorney General facing criminal charges

In the fall of 2013, Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane adopted an employment policy that addressed whether workers would be suspended from employment in the event that they were accused of criminal wrongdoing. The policy stated that employees of the office of the Attorney General would be suspended without pay if charged with a felony. However, the Attorney General herself is exempt from that policy, which is helpful now that she is facing an investigation of wrongdoing and potential criminal charges.

Past union leader facing white collar crimes charges

A man who once held the position of president of the United Government Security Officers of America (UGSOA) has been charged with serious crimes in connection to his actions while serving in that position. Court documents reveal that the 50-year-old man is accused of white collar crimes including fraud. Those acts were allegedly conducted during the years he served members of the labor organization.

Use of laser could lead to multiple felony charges

There are many instances in which an individual can run afoul of the law without even realizing it. Unfortunately, ignorance is not a strong defense when presented in court, and a failure to realize the ramifications of one's actions is not always an effective response to criminal charges. One recent incident highlights the ease with which a Pennsylvania resident can end up facing multiple felony charges, without realizing that he or she broke the law.

Authorities cracking down on fraud

Two Pennsylvania men have been arrested and will face charges in two separate incidents. The arrests are part of a recent federal crime sweep in which 20 individuals have been taken into custody. As the statewide crackdown on insurance fraud continues, these two men will have the chance to defend themselves before a court of law.

Man located in connection with serious sex charges

Authorities have located a man who has been wanted in connection with serious criminal charges in the state of Pennsylvania. The man, who is now 63 years of age, has been wanted for almost two decades for the sex crime charges. When his location was discovered, it appeared that he had been living a quiet life and working at a local Wal-Mart, where he was recently arrested for his alleged crimes.

Payday loan business owner accused of financial crimes

A Pennsylvania resident and businessman has been charged with racketeering in the operation of his payday loan business ventures. Federal authorities assert that he took deliberate action to avoid running afoul of usury laws in Pennsylvania and other states. Furthermore, the 58-year-old businessman is accused of conspiring to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly known as "RICO." Should he be convicted of these financial crimes, he could face serious time behind bars, as well as significant fines.

Multiple felony charges connected to robberies

A man has been arrested and charged in connection with a string of robberies that took place across Pennsylvania and nearby states. The man faces multiple felony charges in the matter, after a lengthy investigation conducted by a joint effort of more than 10 law enforcement agencies. As the matter moves forward, the individual accused of the robberies is at risk of serious punitive measures if a conviction against him is obtained.

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