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Woman accused of financial crimes following money transfers

A businesswoman based in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania has been accused of federal crimes in connection with the transfer of money to an international destination. The charges follow an investigation conducted by the Criminal Investigations Department of the Internal Revenue Service and the Drug Enforcement Administration. The financial crimes charges include the accusation that the 45-year-old woman conspired with others to evade currency transaction reporting requirements. It is also alleged that the money being transferred was gained through illegal activities.

Authorities allege that the businesswoman and others made use of a money transmitter service known as Tropic Express, Inc. to send money to the Dominican Republic. The transfers were for various amounts, and the names of both senders and recipients were changed from one transfer to another. These transfers were allegedly performed for the purpose of evading federal rules that require banks to report financial transactions that exceed $3,000.

The woman's legal team was able to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecution. Should the court approve that agreement, the woman could receive a far less severe sentence than might result from a trial. The maximum sentence for a conviction is five years, followed by a period of supervised release. A $250,000 fine is also possible.

In cases in which an individual is accused of financial crimes, the central focus is often on the degree to which the person was aware that his or her actions were in violation of federal law. It is not uncommon for financial transactions to become highly complex, and many legitimate practices skirt the edge of the legal limits. Because of this, those who prosecute federal financial crimes in Pennsylvania and elsewhere will sometimes offer a plea agreement, which allows the accused to attain a degree of leniency.  

Source:, "Stroudsburg businesswoman charged with sending money overseas illegally", May 12, 2015

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