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April 2015 Archives

Tax preparer arrested and accused of federal fraud

With tax season just wrapping up, many Pennsylvania residents are breathing a sigh of relief to have their returns prepared and filed in advance of the deadline. A significant number of taxpayers choose to hire a professional to complete and file their tax returns, and place a great deal of trust in the individual or firm chosen to complete this important task. News reports of the recent conviction of a tax preparer accused of federal fraud has many taxpayers doubting whether their returns have been properly handled.

Group of 6 suspected of involvement in federal crime ring

Six individuals have been arrested and charged in a case that spans multiple states, including Pennsylvania. Authorities believe that the six individuals may have worked together to conduct robberies targeting Jared Galleria of Jewelry stores. The federal crime probe led to the recent signing of a complaint by a federal judge that accuses the six of interference of commerce by threats or violence.

Professor pleads guilty to federal child pornography charges

A professor at Allegheny College was arrested last fall under suspicion of involvement with child pornography. The 57-year-old was a lauded educator, and news of his arrest shocked many Pennsylvania residents. It was recently announced that the former professor pleaded guilty to multiple child pornography charges and will serve time in a federal prison.

Woman facing federal drug charges after traffic stop

A traffic stop that took place in July 2014 in Lehigh County has led to serious drug-related criminal charges for three women. Pennsylvania police were contacted by federal authorities and warned that the vehicle in question was believed to be in the area at the time, and may have had drugs on board. When a trooper observed the vehicle on Interstate 78, the truck was pulled over for allegedly tailgating another vehicle. This began a series of events that led to federal drug charges for three women who were travelling in the vehicle.

Federal drug charges for Pennsylvania man

A Pennsylvania man is facing serious charges related to the distribution of illegal drugs. His arrest follows an investigation conducted by the Monroe County Drug Task Force and the Pennsylvania State Police. An indictment in the matter leaves him facing federal drug charges and in need of an aggressive legal stance if he wishes to avoid conviction.

Woman facing federal charges related to terrorism

Terrorism continues to be a threat around the world, and multiple acts have been carried out in recent years on American soil. The public has become aware of the risk, and many people are especially concerned about the dangers posed by the radical Islamic group known as the Islamic State. In an effort to combat terrorism and protect American citizens, a number of arrests have been made in recent months. An example is found in the federal charges brought against a Pennsylvania woman whom authorities claim was planning to join the Islamic State.

Concert promotion scam targeted in federal criminal charges

In a case that has connections to multiple states but was filed with a federal court in Pennsylvania, a man and his attorney are accused of defrauding investors in connection to a concert promotion business. The men now face federal charges of conspiracy and wire fraud in the matter, which could bring serious legal ramifications if a conviction is obtained. One of the men is also awaiting trial in another case, in which authorities allege that investors and a major university were bilked out of nearly $200,000 related to promotions for a Stevie Wonder concert.

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