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November 2014 Archives

What is considered fraudulent or illegal mortgage loan conduct

When the Pennsylvania Department of Banking reviews a mortgage loan licensee, it will consider whether or not any unethical, unfair, dishonest, fraudulent or illegal practices are taking place. In addition, the department will evaluate whether there is any incompetence or negligence in connection with any acts for which the licensee is responsible under the license.

Man federally charged in Pennsylvania with drug trafficking

A 34-year-old Pittsburgh man was indicted by a federal grand jury on Nov. 11 for multiple offenses related to distribution and trafficking of both heroin and marijuana into the state. In addition to the drug-related charges, the man was also indicted for possessing more than 200 rounds of ammunition while having several prior felony convictions on his record.

2 brothers charged in $300,000 worth of burglaries

According to court documents filed in federal court, two Lancaster County brothers were arrested and accused of making off with nearly $300,000 in burglaries. According to reports, the brothers allegedly committed the burglaries by robbing businesses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for a 10-month period beginning in November 2013 and lasting until August of this year.

How our criminal defense law firm can help you

Someone who is accused of money laundering in Pennsylvania may not be sure of what legal options they have. Oftentimes, charges of money laundering come about along with charges for other offenses, such as tax evasion or drug charges. However, even if someone is not convicted for those other offenses, the related money laundering charge could still result in a conviction.

What is phishing?

Phishing is a type of scam normally run over the Internet in which people in Pennsylvania and around the country are targeted with fraudulent emails purporting to be from a government agency, bank or legitimate company. In these types of scams, thousands of potential victims are sent emails that try to prompt them to enter private information.

The Distressed Homeowner Initiative and mortgage fraud

Pennsylvania residents may benefit from learning more about the benefits of the FBI's Distressed Homeowner Initiative. The operation led to federal courts charging more than 100 criminal defendants with committing fraud against more than 17,000 homeowners during 2012. it is estimated that these actions led to losses by those homeowners of nearly $100 million. More than 19,100 victims filed federal lawsuits against total of 128 defendants. The total loss in the civil action cases was projected to approximate $54 million.

Understanding drug laws in Pennsylvania

Residents in Pennsylvania may benefit by learning more about the laws or federal drug charges that may be governed by the state's Controlled Substances, Drugs, Device and Cosmetic Act. This legislation pertains to the possession, sales and manufacturing of controlled substances. The act also establishes the state's authority in classifying controlled substances and issuing penalties against any prohibited offenses. The act shares many of the same definitions and terms found in the Pennsylvania Drug and Alcohol Abuse Control Act.

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