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October 2014 Archives

What elements must be proven to be convicted of tax evasion?

Filing one's taxes can often be a complex and confusing process, especially when the taxes include business income or a significant amount of deductions. It can be easy to make a mistake on a tax return. Pennsylvania taxpayers who have made tax errors may be concerned about whether their mistake will be perceived as tax evasion. Fortunately, the IRS has specifically defined what separates criminal evasion from a simple mistake.

What is cyberwarfare?

Residents of Pennsylvania may have heard the word cyberwarfare in the past. The definition of cyberwarfare is any attack done in a virtual setting that is almost always politically motivated. There are several different types of acts that would qualify as cyberwarfare. For example, an entity may try to sabotage its enemy's financial or military system by hacking into a computer network.

The IRS on money laundering

Business owners and employees in Pennsylvania may benefit from learning more about how the Internal Revenue Service defines money laundering and investigates allegations of such fraud or illicit activity. The IRS describes money laundering as a financial transaction or activity intended to conceal money's source of origin. The funds being concealed are typically generated from illegal activity, so the records are manipulated to create the appearance of legitimate means.

Identify theft in Pennsylvania

In the state of Pennsylvania, identity theft is defined as any offense that includes an individual's attempt to non-consensually utilize any identifying information of another for unlawful intent. In the modern age, identity theft is common and far-reaching on the Internet, and anyone may easily fall victim to phishing scams. Information including credit card numbers and bank account passwords and usernames may be stolen in the process.

The federal crime of tax evasion and potential penalties

Most citizens of Pennsylvania and across the country are aware that under no circumstance does the law tolerate tax evasion. Therefore, the Internal Revenue Service considers anyone who attempts to pay his or her taxes in an unlawful manner to be guilty of tax evasion, a federal crime that carries strict penalties.

Man held in alleged counterfeit bail bond case

A 47-year-old Pennsylvania bail bondsman is facing charges for securing execution of documents by deception, forgery, bad checks and access device fraud/counterfeit after he allegedly tried to post a counterfeit bail bond. The $500,000 bond was for an individual accused of dealing drugs.

Several charged for selling drugs in Pennsylvania

On Sept. 26, it was reported that several individuals were charged with drug-related offenses after they were accused of being involved in a drug gang in Pennsylvania. The alleged gang was reportedly located in Chester and allegedly dealt drugs throughout Delaware County. The bust occurred after authorities launched a two-year investigation.

California man pleads guilty in nationwide loan fraud scheme

A 30-year-old California man pleaded guilty on Oct. 3 for his role in a nationwide auto loan fraud scheme that was discovered in 2013 in Pennsylvania by the Secret Service, where several of the fraudulent loan activities took place. in the scheme, the man used real vehicle identification numbers and false tax documents to secure auto loans on vehicles that were not for sale.

Pennsylvania insurance agent charged with fraud

A Pennsylvania insurance agent is facing federal charges after a lengthy investigation by the FBI and the Securities and Exchange Commission. A charge of securities fraud was filed against the 68-year-old man in Harrisburg on Sept. 28 by a representative of the U.S. Attorney's Office. The charge carries a penalty of up to 25 years in a federal prison.

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