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April 2014 Archives

Tax fraud and idenity theft lead to $10 million in losses

From 2005 to 2014, five men were allegedly trying to defraud the government through a tax return scheme that involved identity theft. The fraud could have been worse, as the prosecutor in Pennsylvania said that the men tried to get more than $20 million in total but were actually only paid around $10 million.

Man pleads guilty to wire fraud

For one reason or the next, some people make the mistake of committing fraud. From wire fraud to mail fraud to tax fraud, there are many types of situations that people can get themselves into. Recently, a 32-year-old man who worked as a grocer at the Mount Oliver Dollar Grocery Center pleaded guilty to food stamp fraud and wire fraud.

Internet crime leads to life of prostitution according to experts

In Pennsylvania, you may not think that prostitution is going on much, but this story from the area begs to differ. This story about Internet crimes and prostitution may interest you, because some of the pimps are recruiting girls through the net. It's a reminder that children aren't safe from Internet crimes, and sometimes the person on the other end isn't who they say they are. With this in mind, it's also important to remember that the Internet activities aren't one-sided and that there are people who have been accused of crimes that they haven't committed in the past. If you've been accused of Internet crimes like fraud, sex trafficking, or other crimes, you do deserve the right to defend yourself.

Internal Revenue Service says tax refund scams still rampant

When it comes to tax fraud, the month of April is when many scams are uncovered. As a result, this often leads to arrests from one side of the country to the next. Unfortunately, some tax fraud scams are almost impossible to stop, which breeds more people taking advantage of the government, despite the fact that they know it is illegal.

Is there a 'gender bias' when it comes to underage sex crimes?

If you're living in Pennsylvania, you may be interested in learning about some types of sex crimes and how they're perceived. Some types of sex crimes are considered as federal crimes, and that can mean extra fines or punishments for defendants. Anyone who is charged with a sex crime should have the right to a defense and an unbiased trial. Because sex crimes -- especially those involving underage children and teens -- receive so much media attention, there can often be bias against the defendant before the trial even begins.

Five Pennsylvania residents face federal drug charges

For recreational drug users, the dangers of those drugs are usually pushed to the back of their minds. In many cases, using drugs ends uneventfully. Sadly, though, using drugs ended the life of a 21-year-old man in Lurgan Township, Pennsylvania. Now, the people who were allegedly involved in the drug trade that led to his death have been charged with various federal drug charges.

Man sent to prison for child pornography

Child pornography is a serious Internet crime that can deleteriously impact a number of people, as well as society as a whole. Recently, a man from Blairsville, Pennsylvania, has been ordered to serve 20 years in prison for producing and distributing child pornography on the Internet.

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